Hope Floats

Seriously. (And I reserve the right to use that phrase as its a new Grey’s tonight. Although, I’m still a little unsure about Izzy and George together in a biblical sense, but I digress.) I need to embrace the power of positive thinking. As my dear friend professes, the good I put out into the universe will come my way. So, I’m trying not to be the bitch I sound like.

But seriously. I do need to be thankful for what I have. In reading all these blogs at http://babyblogorama.net/, there are amazingly courageous women trying to conceive, who have written to a much greater depth about what they are enduring, which makes me feel pretty stupid about being perpetually seated at the pity party table. All I’ve had to endure is waiting. I haven’t had to suffer through miscarriages or cycle after cycle of IVF. Just waiting.

We don’t know yet if we’re infertile, we’ve never tried getting pregnant the old-fashioned way. We’re skipping ahead to the PGD/IVF portion of the exam… So from now on I’ll try to be more positive. I don’t know what our path with be with IVF but until then I shouldn’t complain. Ok, I will complain about how insurance isn’t paying for it although, in the long run, it is saving them money from us not going to the emergency room for millions of broken bones. And that I need way more visitors and at least a comment on my site so I don’t feel like a total leper. Hee.


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