Weekend Update…

I don’t know quite why I feel the need to post on a near-daily basis. I am the only one who reads this, but if nothing else it’s a cathartic thing.

The painting never happened. It is merely stenciling and my BFF is unconvinced of the size of stars I am wanting to paint on the walls. She is a perfectionist while I’m insisting that having these little stars all over the walls in an even placement isn’t the look she will want, she needs some random big ones scattered around, but what can you do?

And she is now starting to look preggers. She lost like 16 pounds during the start of her pregnancy and is only now at “zero.” It’s weird. It’s now becoming real she will be a mom in July.

Maybe, in July, I can start trying for the elusive mom moniker. This totally blows. And I’m still acting the bitch. And acting ungrateful for what I have and feeling sorry for myself. I thought about posting a list of all the things I was grateful for and decided that was a little too stupid even for me. So, instead, I’ll continue to rant about nothing. What a compromise.


One Response to “Weekend Update…”

  1. Mel Says:

    I’m reading it! I just found you today, but I went back to the beginning post and read through. Welcome to the blogosphere. I hope things pick up soon.

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