I’ve decided to maybe borrow Matthew McConaughey’s life motto (and no, of course I wasn’t obsessed with him in college or anything like that) and use it in my own daily life.

Just Keep Living.

I’d like to think everyday I get closer to being pregnant. But really, I don’t know if I am. I mean, yes, as every day passes I am one day closer to that June pap, which will reveal if I have a normal va-jay-jay or not. But really does it mean I’m closer to pregnancy? It doesn’t. I like to think that it does, but nothing in life is guaranteed. So, I have to keep on living. And living life to its fullest.

But then, I think what is living my life to the fullest? I go to work daily and tip tap on my computer all day long. (I know, reading my blog, you might wonder why someone actually pays me to write but I am a journalist by trade…Amazing, huh?) How is that living fully? I guess it pays the bills, puts the roof over our heads and will, eventually, support the children we have.

But, really, is this living to its fullest? Am I experiencing all I need to be in life? Or am I just keeping on living and not really getting anywhere?

I blame this new “epiphany” on watching the Travel Channel last night and catching “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” Stupid television… Ok, so why weren’t we chosen to travel the world on this show? And why do I feel like crap that I’m already 0-2 on the places to visit?

Maybe it’s because our “big” vacation this year is our annual vacation, visiting Texas, where we met and where my hubby wants to eventually end up. Not that I don’t love going back to the little town we met in and visiting all of our friends who live there. But shouldn’t I be flying to Africa and seeing gazelles? Witnessing first hand the Great Wall of China? Granted, paying for IVF will dash any of those travel plans but…

So how do I live my life to the fullest? Do more than just live day-to-day? I want to try and do that thing where I live each day like it was my last but how do I do that when the mundane aspects of daily life get in the way?


One Response to “JKL”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wow, I’ve been thinking about this same thing a lot lately-about how I’m living in a fog repeating, the motions to get me through another day. I started a post and will hopefully get to finishing it one of these days. I also love the motto and I like it even more since you said it is Matthew McConaughey’s life motto!

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