Reproductive Genetics

Of course.

Karma, the Goddess, whomever, I think likes messing with me. As soon as I get done writing my make every day an awesome day post, Reproductive Genetics Institute calls.

Yep, they have set up the testing system for our family. They are now ready to test our embryos for my hubby’s OI mutation whenever we are. I just need to call to let them know when I am cycling.

I can’t cry at work. Ok, I can. And I have. But this just feels like a blow to me. Like, before, I had the excuse that I couldn’t do IVF yet because they were waiting to set the $4,500 test up. Now, I only have to blame my displasia-icky cervix. Great. Awesome. Fantabulous.

Stupid cervix.


One Response to “Reproductive Genetics”

  1. Mary Ellen and Steve Says:

    How exciting that your tests are ready. My hubby has genetic issues too, so we are doing PGD. Good luck with everything!!

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