Papa don’t Preach

Amazingly enough my father brought over a check last night. Not so great, this morning he called and asked if I could wait to deposit it until tomorrow.

Am I surprised? Not in the least…

But my sis and I talked last night how we are just going to have to sit down with him together to tell him this can’t go on anymore. He’s 57. This isn’t right to be putting his daughters in this situation. I don’t think he truly listens to us when we talk, so we thought perhaps as a united front that we could maybe MAYBE reach him.

My mom is so angry, (again, my sis the blabbermouth tells her everything. Like when I get a frantic call from my mom about my abnormal pap – thanks sis) she wants to yell at my father, but my sister told her, we’re adults. He’s our father. We are the ones who have to get through to him. Or at least try to.

At least I’m not as angry as I was yesterday, which is good considering AF will make her arrival today. (FYI…This month was supposed to be my first IVF cycle.)

My path to parenthood is just winding and a bit longer than others. It doesn’t mean I won’t reach the destination, I just have more sights and stops to experience along the way.


One Response to “Papa don’t Preach”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    You will get there Jen. Hopefully this upcoming cycle will be the one!!

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