Regular, smegular

Ever since I started menstruating that fateful Christmas morning in seventh grade (thanks a lot Santa), every month since then I’ve never not had my period. Period.

There were times where it’d be 29 or 32 days instead of 28. But it would never fail, Aunt Flow would arrive and relegate me to wearing period panties. (And don’t act like you don’t have those underwear too…)

Now, 16 years later, here I am wondering, “Is this my period?” And I feel like a complete idiot.

Tuesday was the magical two-week mark following my LEEP, which now means I am free to have things (by this, I assume my doctor means tampons or my hubby’s ding-ding, I don’t need anything else up there) inserted in my who-haw. And yes, those all are clinical terms. I’ve been spotting/lightly bleeding for the past two weeks, which is normal following a LEEP.

I still am spotting. Yesterday was the start of my period. Or is this really my period? Hoorah, if so. I’m totally about a super light flow. Or, by typing this, am I just jinxing myself to like an evening crumpled on my bed swearing over the cramps? Probably the latter but then at least I’d not be a 31-year-old trying to figure out if she’s just late.

As for pregnancy, 99.9 percent unlikely. Due to all my “procedures” this month, it’s been a three-week drought in the sexing department and we take precautions against that because, well, that’s the whole reason we’re doing IVF and PGD in the first place…

And really, as to the real point of this post. I don’t know that there’s much beyond my constant undies watch and that, for whatever reason, I felt the need to share.

I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend…


One Response to “Regular, smegular”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    I hope that AF shows up soon my dear. She can be so damn annoying sometimes!!

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