Yes Vagina! There is a Santa Claus!

While it may not be a big step for anyone but me and my va-jay-jay, I certainly feel like I am one step closer toward finally TRYING to become pregnant.

Yesterday, I saddled into the stirrups once more for my one-month LEEP follow up. While my secret fantasy of my OBGYN opting not to wait the three months healing period till my next pap didn’t happen, she did say my cervix was healing very well. She also proceeded to show me the cuts she made to remove my yucky cells (demonstrating on her hand, it was very scientific) and that she thinks everything will be just fine come June.

June… Blech. It is still so so far away…

She then proceeded to tell me she knows how impatient I am to start IVF and that I was very lucky that my RE told her that I could start trying for babies after three months although she, herself, typically recommends six months for patients.

As well, she cleared me to have my hysteroscopy next month, which means I really need to go make my appointment to have all my vaccines and such (CBC, TSH, rubella, etc.) updated. I swear I have been tested for every genetic disease and will be vaccinated against everything by the time we get to try. I guess it is just the introduction to a mass quantity of needles as part of my daily life.

So, once more, I am allowing myself to hope. Maybe this time around I can really look to getting pregnant in July or August. I am just trying not so hard to get my hopes up. In February, we were gearing up for cycling this month until my slightly abnormal pap came along. So I don’t want to say I’m totally in the clear down there until I really am in the clear down there.

But that little part of me is hoping that we can finally try our hand at pregnancy.


One Response to “Yes Vagina! There is a Santa Claus!”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    Congrats on getting clearance to get the ball rolling. June will be here before you need it. Plus, you will be busy with the work up. I hope that the time flies!

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