Totally tubular

It might surprise you dear reader knowing I write on a daily basis. In fact, I am and have been a published journalist for nearly a decade. It surprises me on a near-daily basis when I read the crap I write on my blog. So I apologize in advance for the crap I have written and continue to write. 

I have never been in a larger exam room in my life. After coming up with all the dire scenarios about what was ready to unfold, I was lying on this crazy large table with my feet in pseudo stirrups wearing a fetching ensemble of two hospital gowns, which I had managed to put on in the wrong order the first time around, waiting to hear what my x-ray technician had to say.

Mind you, as creepily scary as the room was my technician and nurse were the nicest two women. They were so upbeat, positive and laughed at my sarcasm, so I felt more at ease despite the reality I knew I was about to face. 

As the nurse talked to me about my ring, my hubby, etc., the technician did her thing. Only asking me to tilt this way or that way. If I felt cramping, she would slow down the injection of the both fluids my doctor requested be put in me, this clear dye the x-ray picks up and some poppy-seed oil. Gross much?

It was over in five minutes. Barely felt it. And then she had me look at the images.

She pointed out the catheter, which looked larger than my tubes. Then, she showed me the dye flowing freely through and out my tubes.


She said both tubes appeared clear and while she is not the radiologist or doctor, everything appeared normal. That done, she had me get dressed, don my fetching and large-as-my-head circa 1960s maxi pad and come back in for one last x-ray to see if I was continuing to drain.

I was.

My RE said I needed my husband (or another responsible driver) to pick me up and take me home from the procedure – so I was anticipating pain. My RE said I had fluid in my ute – so I was anticipating one or two blocked tubes.

I wasn’t expecting good news. I was prepared for bad news. I had accepted the fact I was losing my tubes.

But this? Can I tell you about the surge of hope and positivity that swept over me? Trust me, I am still cautious. Still worried that what she saw my doctor or the radiologist will see differently. But at that moment, I felt relief. Like there is still the chance, the hope for us to be parents.

Once home, mind you this is after I drove myself home as the nurse and tech said I could fully operate heavy machinery right away and didn’t need my hubby to meet me at the hospital to pick me up, I e-mailed my doctor. He said that the HSG could have cleared out any mucus in the tubes that had been blocking them. So he will look at the x-rays once they arrive but typically, the technician always is right and assuming my pap is clear in June we can move forward.

I don’t want to get too excited until the doctor says otherwise but I am feeling a little better about all my girlie parts and them not being entirely f*cked up as I think they are.

Some hope has been restored. I just really wish we actually can move forward in the process. Maybe it was a sign we saw four pregnant women at Target last night. Or not.

I’ll vote for the universe saying, “Yes, Jen, you too will be a crazy big pregnant woman, who has no other life, nothing better to do on a Monday night than wander around Target buying stuff that will cost you no less than $50 every time.”

P.S. I want to thank all of you for your kinds words in my moment of crazy freakoutness last post!


3 Responses to “Totally tubular”

  1. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Woohoo!! That is terrific news!

    I hope that is your sign. I don’t know WHAT it is about Target that beckons the expecting. I have to remind myself not to venture over there on my lunch breaks because I always see at least 4 or 5 pregnant ladies and a ton more with little babies. I guess Target is the perfect place to nest.

  2. Mary Ellen Says:

    That is awesome news!! I hope you only get good news from here on out.

  3. michelle Says:

    GREAT NEWS! That went way better than my HSG test!

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