Eight random things

M over at Destined to be a Mom has tagged me to write eight random things about myself, so, here is the randomness…

1. I learned to drive on a manual shift but to this day can only effectively drive one in a parking lot. You get me out on the road and I freak out and get all panicky, so it didn’t work so well for my friend in college, who was trying to teach me how to drive her stick shift so I could drive us home from the bar as she decided she was narcoleptic. Oh, how we laughed at her about that. Behind her back, of course.

2. In high school, I wanted to attend Stanford and become an OBGYN. This was after I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room for the birth of my youngest brother and sister and before I realized I had little desire for all the rigors of med school, which included playing with dead people and their parts.

3. Sports always has been a passion of mine – participating and watching. I had planned on a career in sports broadcasting but after working in the sports information department and meeting all the cheesedick talking head sportscasters in college, I opted to go into a career in sports information. I worked for a university in Texas for two years, where I met my hubby. (Ignore the fact he was an employee of mine…) But after living in a small southern town, I longed for seasons and no more 60-hour-plus work weeks. Yet still today, I do miss sitting on press row, doing stats and knowing the athletes but I supplement that with NFL Sunday ticket, season tickets to the Colorado Rapids soccer team and healthy tv doses of hockey, tennis and basketball.

4. I have OCD about locking doors. It stems from my sis and I being latchkey kids (remember how frequently that word was bandied about in the 80s… Like ghettoblasters….). One day in fifth grade, we were watching a filmstrip, on a projector, about latchkey kids and I had the sudden realization that my third-grade sister didn’t lock the door. So, I went to my teacher and explained, then went to get my sister out of class and the two of us went to the office. Together, they let us walk the half-block home to lock the door. Since then, however, both of us double and triple check that the doors are locked and curling irons are off (see No. 5).

5. I have this fear of being in a car accident and the car exploding with me inside. It is totally irrational, or so my hubby tells me. But I still have visions of terrific car explosions after a fender bender.

6. I am a finicky eater. I don’t eat seafood or artichokes or avacadoes. At some point, I have eaten all of them and decided I didn’t like them. Now, I am too old (or proud to admit I might be wrong) to eat them again. And yes, my husband thinks I am absolutely ridiculous for not eating said food.

7. When someone asked/told me I had red hair as a child, I always corrected them. I have ORANGE hair. Or so the story goes. And I am not a carrot top, carrot tops are green.

8. If money were no object, I’d probably be happiest working at Papyrus. I love wedding invitations, stationery, pens and crap. I’m sure if I had enough money and time, I’d probably be totally in to scrapbooking too. But I’m poor and kinda impatient, so I’ve yet to jump on that bandwagon.

Ok, enough randomness about me. Your turn:

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1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people (or six like me) to get tagged and list their names. 


3 Responses to “Eight random things”

  1. michelle Says:

    Thanks for participating. I LOVE Papyrus too! I do scrapbook…and I just like collecting all of the neat stuff. I have a really hard time using it because it’s so pretty! lol.

  2. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    OMG, you and I are a lot alike! I may steal some of your ideas in mine from 1 and 4!!

  3. Mary Ellen Says:

    🙂 Thanks for the tag! I used to want to be an OBGYN too!

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