My Shower How To

Rule No. 1 in Jen’s guide to the how to host a fabulous baby shower when you yourself aren’t pregnant but desperately want to be – self medicate with a mix of Dayquil and fruity wine coolers.

I wasn’t planning on going the self-medication route yesterday. It wasn’t the fact that I would be sharing our patio with 15 other women three of whom are due to give birth by July 11.

Rather, it was my runny, nose, 101-degree fever, chills, sneezing, etc., this weekend that prompted my consumption of several adult beverages while on a six-hour regimen of Dayquil.

And it worked.

I didn’t once feel pity for myself. I didn’t worry if someone was going to ask our baby plans.

Instead, all I felt was joy for my best friend. I forgot, even if it was only three hours, about my single-minded, me-getting-knocked-up focus and just shared in the happiness the shower brought about.

I oohed and ahhed from a distance (so as not to get anyone sick) at all the cute girly outfits, hats, blankets she received. I acted as party photographer. I really did have a good time.

Maybe I’m not as evil as person as I thought I was.

Or maybe, I am just really learning to accept that life isn’t fair and what I want doesn’t always happen for me when I want it to. That doesn’t mean I am going to start my own The Secret cult or anything, just that I can act like the supposed adult I am from time to time.

Or again, maybe it was my Dayquil cocktail.

So below are some photos from the event. Sorry, I am not any deeper right now, the switch the Benadryl has me a bit foggy still…

Our centerpieces – Ducky vases filled with peonies along with the favors, mini terra cotta pots filled with M&Ms topped with tissue paper dahlias…

A horrible picture of the cupcakes with either pink sprinkles or babies with mohawks on them.

I got lots of compliments on the little naked mohawk babies sprinkled on the counter top in the bathroom…

I also had a beautiful peony arrangement in the bathroom provided by my sister, the florist.
To round out the ducky theme, these adorable ducky cookies.

*And just so you know, I purchased all the food Friday for the party but due to me being sick, I had my little sister bake all the cupcakes and prepare all the food. My husband then cleaned the house for me while I sat around in a drug-induced haze blowing my nose. Without them, I know I couldn’t have done this.


5 Responses to “My Shower How To”

  1. Matthew M. F. Miller Says:

    Dayquill – bless you. So sorry to hear you were sick, but it looks like you had a great time. You did a fantastic job picking out food and decorating. It looks great.

  2. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    I’m so glad the shower went well, despite the fact that you were under the weather. At least the drugs may have helped ease they pain. I know when it is someone I truly care about it makes things easier.

    The party looked fabulous! Would you mind coming here when I have a baby shower because it is exactly what I would do. I coordinate weddings for “fun” and have a hard time letting go of the planning and the decorating for things like this.

  3. michelle Says:

    I love all the decorations! 🙂 I’m hosting a baby shower in June. It won’t be quite as cute as this though!

  4. Melissa Says:

    Looks like you did a beautiful job. Good job getting though a potentially awkward/painful situation…

  5. Coffeegrl Says:

    Wow everything looks amazing! It sounds like you were an incredible if slightly Dayquil-drugged hostess 🙂 Good for you!

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