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And the wait goes on…

June 29, 2007

La de da de de, la de da de da.

In this time of waiting, I haven’t been regular in checking in with my nurse at my RE’s office. There hasn’t been any real need, or so I assumed.

Apparently, there was as I learned yesterday when I called to check in as not only has my OBGYN not sent in any information on my LEEP, etc., but also the radiology department at the hospital never forwarded on my HSG results.

Ok, the OBGYN I can see. But the radiology department? Hello, the RE made the appointment for me and you don’t think to send the results to anyone? I have gotten the bill though, which really is the most important thing, right? Grrr…

So instead of working this morning, I am going to call around to find these x-rays and have them sent to my doctor. And then try not to freak out and think that my tubes are blocked and I have to get them removed.

Yay for Friday!


I See Pregnant People *UPDATED*

June 26, 2007

Forget about Haley Joel Osment’s ability to see dead people, I see pregnant people.

And while no one is going to make a movie about my “gift,” my uncanny ability to spot a pregnant woman a mile away is noteworthy nonetheless.

Okay, so it’s not really a gift or noteworthy but it is the fact of my daily existence.

My rather obsessive focus on getting pregnant is to blame, I know. I tend to only see pregnant women because that is what I want most. And no, it is not my nonbelieving nature of The Secret (sorry to disappoint you, Nikki) that I am forever seeing pregnant people. But, rather, my mental notes of all the pregnant women wandering around comes from longing to be part of the mommy mafia.

And then, too, I have to read every gossip blog out there, which only reinforces the idea that I see pregnant people everywhere I go.

Thanks, dlisted. I needed to see this:

“I never thought it would happen like this. I thought ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ was just not part of God’s plan for me.” 

Grace, who is due to give birth in January, would not reveal whether or not she underwent fertility treatments. But the expectant mom does say finding “such happiness” at this point in her life should inspire people. “Tell women out there that there is hope,” she says.

Without her words, I don’t think I would have had hope about getting pregnant. But now. Wow. Thanks Nancy Grace.


*Oh silly me… Here is a much better photograph from the folks at

The Puppy Update

June 24, 2007

I want to thank you all for your concern regarding the Lazy girl. Yes, that is her name as when my husband first found her, she slept under his feet for three straight days… Anyway…

She had to have SEVEN teeth removed and then the lump on her belly was excised. It was a lot for an old girl like her to go through (the pocketbook too) but she is doing just great aside from being a bit on the drooly side and biting on my husband’s hand twice daily when he forces her antibiotics down – otherwise she won’t swallow them whatsoever.

In another 12 days, she will have her stitches removed and all will once again be right in her Lazy world.

I am soo relieved. I’m hoping she has another several good years in her, as she does make my hubby soo very happy.

Thanks again for your thoughts and best wishes.

Am I really THIS boring?

June 22, 2007

I really have no new nothing to apprise you of this Friday morning. Aside from the fact I am putting off deadline today, for which I need to come up with a front page story. No pressure right? But I won’t tell you an awesomely boring tale of my work, I’ll save that for another day…

The only thing we really have going on is the dog. My hubby’s best friend and roommate at the time, found this little white puppy in the front yard. The year? Yeah, that’s a little hazy for reasons I won’t go into but let you ponder, draw conclusions, point fingers, etc. Needless to say, he thinks they found her around 1992 or 1993.

 So, she is an older dog.

And my husband’s absolute best bud, aside from the aforementioned best friend who found her, in the world. You may think what about Jen? Isn’t she his best friend? Well, technically, I am but you know. I don’t get on the floor and snuggle him, lick his face. That’s the L. dog’s job…

Today, she is going under anesthesia to have her teeth cleaned and a small growth removed from her belly. All very routine but with a dog of her age, there is a chance she won’t wake up. I don’t know what my husband would do without her. It scares me to think of how devastated he would be. Either we would have to get a new dog right away or not get a dog for years.

And every year when she goes for the teeth cleaning, I get all freaked out about her dying. This was my husband’s first dog he had outside his parent’s house. Trust me, when his parent’s scotties have died, he’s cried. With L. dog. I don’t want to imagine…

No wonder I have a yucky feeling in my tummy today. Wish us luck that the vet calls to say everything is ok.

Otherwise, nothing much else except for a Sunday get together at my grandparent’s where my husband is dying to ask my mom how Austin was. You see, last weekend, my mom left my youngest siblings with my ex-stepdad (is that what he’s called? I’ve known him since 1982) and flew to Texas to meet some dude she met on Uh huh. Nothing quite like Watson’s mom’s life pods and the like but according to her profile, my mother does enjoy public displays of affection and thunderstorms.


Have a great weekend!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

June 20, 2007

I think my obsession with my front yard and its transformation from an environmentally unfriendly Kentucky Bluegrass expanse to xeriscape, native plant haven is a not-so-subconcious reflection of my desire to grow something. As I’ve yet to reach the point of being able to grow a baby, I’ve focused my growing abilities on my front yard. Truth be told, when we purchased the house four years ago, the grass was fried and yarfy as evidenced by the picture to the right.

But I do find that I am out there daily digging out bind weed – it’s the bane of my existence – in our revamped yard and babying it like a doting mother. I know it is rather silly to worry so much about my yard, or to brag about how we have transformed it, but go with me. It’s the only “baby” I have. Our dog is my husband’s dog, I’m just the nice lady who came along that ursurped her side of the bed much to her dismay…

Last summer, we removed the grass from the center of the yard and opted to plant it with perennials that can withstand the cold winters and hot, dry summers of Colorado. We’d eventually like to remove the grass entirely but, for now, we are going to slowly expand our little circle. Below is a picture of my blossoming garden. I am so seriously proud. 

Yes, I am a total dork. But I need something to keep me busy in this waiting game…