Fake Bake

As I have absolutely, positively no baby making news (thanks radiology department for taking FOREVER on the HSG results being sent to my doc), I decided to tell you all about how I smell.

I am a natural redhead, which therefore equates to being a ghostly shade of pale -excluding my freckles, which seem to merge when I am “tan.”

So after sitting next to this crazy tan Texan girl on the flight home last week, I decided to get tan too, via Jer.gens. Yesterday, I shelled out $12 for the face moisturizer and body firming lotion with “glow.” For a gentle, slowly forming tan-like appearance. Or whatever the bottles so claim.

This morning I smell.

You know, that funky tanning lotion smell? Ok, so the face lotion, not bad. No stinkiness. My legs. I swear the guy I interviewed this morning could smell the funktasticness of my loofahed, shaved and greased up legs. And I know I am likely the only person who could smell it. But still.

I smell.

I guess if it works and I have sun-kissed glow without the skin damage it will be worth it. Smell and all.


4 Responses to “Fake Bake”

  1. christina (theoneliner) Says:

    self-tanner is STINKY. clarins smells the least, but you pay dearly for that.
    hope your less stinky soon.

  2. Lady In Waiting Says:

    I have never found the nerve to try one of those tanning creams. I guess it is safe to say that I am not missing much (well, except for a funny smell.)

    Have you decided whether or not the tan is worth it? I am curious…

  3. Melissa Says:

    Good luck with the tan! 🙂

  4. Matthew M. F. Miller Says:

    I’m proud to be pasty. Although I did try tan-in-a-bottle once, and I looked like an unevenly dyed Easter egg.

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