How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think my obsession with my front yard and its transformation from an environmentally unfriendly Kentucky Bluegrass expanse to xeriscape, native plant haven is a not-so-subconcious reflection of my desire to grow something. As I’ve yet to reach the point of being able to grow a baby, I’ve focused my growing abilities on my front yard. Truth be told, when we purchased the house four years ago, the grass was fried and yarfy as evidenced by the picture to the right.

But I do find that I am out there daily digging out bind weed – it’s the bane of my existence – in our revamped yard and babying it like a doting mother. I know it is rather silly to worry so much about my yard, or to brag about how we have transformed it, but go with me. It’s the only “baby” I have. Our dog is my husband’s dog, I’m just the nice lady who came along that ursurped her side of the bed much to her dismay…

Last summer, we removed the grass from the center of the yard and opted to plant it with perennials that can withstand the cold winters and hot, dry summers of Colorado. We’d eventually like to remove the grass entirely but, for now, we are going to slowly expand our little circle. Below is a picture of my blossoming garden. I am so seriously proud. 

Yes, I am a total dork. But I need something to keep me busy in this waiting game… 






7 Responses to “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. michelle Says:

    That’s quite the garden. I’m happy we can keep our grass alive. lol

  2. Matthew M. F. Miller Says:

    I’m impressed: I kill every plant I so much as admire.

  3. Stacie Says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL! I love to garden, and fancy that I am pretty good at it, but I am in gardeny love with your planting bed.

  4. pannlife Says:

    Lovely garden! We have a similar thing going on in our yard; a semicircle in the front yard that grows out from the house. Each fall I add a few more bulbs of this and that and anxiously wait to see them in the spring.
    Each day is a like a little miracle as I watch the perennials come up bit by bit!

  5. caro Says:

    What a great garden! We’re at the stage where we are admiring all the “interesting” plants (read weeds) that are appearing in ours.

  6. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Your yard is beautiful!! Can you come to Va?

  7. Ivy Says:

    ah yes. I had the same type of thing going on, but I took it out on my house! I kept tearing parts of it down and then building it back up again, remodeling, painting, and always always cleaning.

    It gives you something good to keep your mind on. keep going!

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