Am I really THIS boring?

I really have no new nothing to apprise you of this Friday morning. Aside from the fact I am putting off deadline today, for which I need to come up with a front page story. No pressure right? But I won’t tell you an awesomely boring tale of my work, I’ll save that for another day…

The only thing we really have going on is the dog. My hubby’s best friend and roommate at the time, found this little white puppy in the front yard. The year? Yeah, that’s a little hazy for reasons I won’t go into but let you ponder, draw conclusions, point fingers, etc. Needless to say, he thinks they found her around 1992 or 1993.

 So, she is an older dog.

And my husband’s absolute best bud, aside from the aforementioned best friend who found her, in the world. You may think what about Jen? Isn’t she his best friend? Well, technically, I am but you know. I don’t get on the floor and snuggle him, lick his face. That’s the L. dog’s job…

Today, she is going under anesthesia to have her teeth cleaned and a small growth removed from her belly. All very routine but with a dog of her age, there is a chance she won’t wake up. I don’t know what my husband would do without her. It scares me to think of how devastated he would be. Either we would have to get a new dog right away or not get a dog for years.

And every year when she goes for the teeth cleaning, I get all freaked out about her dying. This was my husband’s first dog he had outside his parent’s house. Trust me, when his parent’s scotties have died, he’s cried. With L. dog. I don’t want to imagine…

No wonder I have a yucky feeling in my tummy today. Wish us luck that the vet calls to say everything is ok.

Otherwise, nothing much else except for a Sunday get together at my grandparent’s where my husband is dying to ask my mom how Austin was. You see, last weekend, my mom left my youngest siblings with my ex-stepdad (is that what he’s called? I’ve known him since 1982) and flew to Texas to meet some dude she met on Uh huh. Nothing quite like Watson’s mom’s life pods and the like but according to her profile, my mother does enjoy public displays of affection and thunderstorms.


Have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “Am I really THIS boring?”

  1. Lady In Waiting Says:

    My fingers are crossed that your hubby’s pup makes it through. Our dog is only a year old but I already worry how my husband will handle life without him. I only half-joke that I would never demand that Mr. LIW choose between me and his dog because I know that I would lose. 🙂

  2. Dianne Says:

    Praying for L. dog. Hope he pulls thru with flying colors.

  3. karenO Says:

    Time to post again, we’re worried about you guys and the dog too! 🙂

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