I See Pregnant People *UPDATED*

Forget about Haley Joel Osment’s ability to see dead people, I see pregnant people.

And while no one is going to make a movie about my “gift,” my uncanny ability to spot a pregnant woman a mile away is noteworthy nonetheless.

Okay, so it’s not really a gift or noteworthy but it is the fact of my daily existence.

My rather obsessive focus on getting pregnant is to blame, I know. I tend to only see pregnant women because that is what I want most. And no, it is not my nonbelieving nature of The Secret (sorry to disappoint you, Nikki) that I am forever seeing pregnant people. But, rather, my mental notes of all the pregnant women wandering around comes from longing to be part of the mommy mafia.

And then, too, I have to read every gossip blog out there, which only reinforces the idea that I see pregnant people everywhere I go.

Thanks, dlisted. I needed to see this:

“I never thought it would happen like this. I thought ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ was just not part of God’s plan for me.” 

Grace, who is due to give birth in January, would not reveal whether or not she underwent fertility treatments. But the expectant mom does say finding “such happiness” at this point in her life should inspire people. “Tell women out there that there is hope,” she says.

Without her words, I don’t think I would have had hope about getting pregnant. But now. Wow. Thanks Nancy Grace.


*Oh silly me… Here is a much better photograph from the folks at Bestweekever.tv.


5 Responses to “I See Pregnant People *UPDATED*”

  1. Lady In Waiting Says:

    She’s creepy looking. For some reason, the picture on the left makes me think of the old woman in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. She looks like a mummy bride. Ugh.

    As my coworker aptly pointed out when I shared this story, to not comment on whether you used fertility treatments indicates that you did, in fact, use fertility treatments.

    But, alas, like you, she has certainly inspired me to keep hoping. UGH!

  2. Serenity Says:

    I’m LMAO at this post. Thanks. Because I felt the same thing… gee, Nancy Grace- there IS hope, eh? Thanks.

    I love the devil eyes too.

    I see stupid people. 🙂

  3. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Ok is that really her with the baby belly or is her face photoshopped on? If that is here why weren’t rumors going around for the last month? I’m with serenity-I see stupid people too! Maybe she could be the poster child for IF women everywhere. She is oh so inspirational!

  4. Mary Ellen Says:

    Too funny! Love the devil eyes!

  5. Emily Says:

    When we were TTC, I knew five people — yes FIVE — who were accidentally pregnant. It was hideous.

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