And the wait goes on…

La de da de de, la de da de da.

In this time of waiting, I haven’t been regular in checking in with my nurse at my RE’s office. There hasn’t been any real need, or so I assumed.

Apparently, there was as I learned yesterday when I called to check in as not only has my OBGYN not sent in any information on my LEEP, etc., but also the radiology department at the hospital never forwarded on my HSG results.

Ok, the OBGYN I can see. But the radiology department? Hello, the RE made the appointment for me and you don’t think to send the results to anyone? I have gotten the bill though, which really is the most important thing, right? Grrr…

So instead of working this morning, I am going to call around to find these x-rays and have them sent to my doctor. And then try not to freak out and think that my tubes are blocked and I have to get them removed.

Yay for Friday!


One Response to “And the wait goes on…”

  1. Mary Ellen Says:

    The waiting sucks! Hopefully you can get everything straightened out soon. How frustrating. Enjoy your weekend!

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