The lady doth bitch too much, methinks…

It might have been the cheese enchilada or the joke about breastfeeding.

Whatever it was though, it gave me faith in my friendship and in myself to move forward.

It was our last dinner as a foursome. Two wives, two husbands. We laughed, we talked. And we laughed and we talked about the birth and the baby. And it wasn’t uncomfortable. And it wasn’t me losing a friend.

It was about them – the uncertainty of what parenthood brings and how it will change their lives. The joy and decibels that this little person will add to their daily routine. It was about us helping them – watching the dog, doing whatever to help the transition.

Most importantly, it wasn’t about what we don’t have but what the birth of my “niece” will bring to all of us.

It was wonderful to feel that happiness, to not have that feeling of stress or jealousy. Of course our relationship will change with the baby’s arrival. But it doesn’t mean a change for the worse.

Not the most earth-shattering epiphany, I know. But at least my head is out of my ass.


2 Responses to “The lady doth bitch too much, methinks…”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Love this post. There will be days that it will be easier than others. Hopefully, lots of them

  2. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Great post, Jen! See I told you you weren’t a horrible friend!

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