Death Doesn’t Become Me

The thing I hate most about being a cryface is that I get awful headaches but I would have gladly endured a thousands headaches rather than having to tell my husband that our dog had died in her sleep.

I’ve seen my husband cry but never like this. Sobbing and frantic, wishing the little body was only sleeping and going to wake up.

She was his best friend and first love. And it is so unbelievably quiet and lonely without her.

I know she had a good life, a happy life, a long 15 years of life.

But we still miss her and wish she was here.


6 Responses to “Death Doesn’t Become Me”

  1. Serenity Says:

    Oh no, I am so so sorry. Love and hugs to your husband and you right now.


  2. Pamala Says:

    Oh I am so sorry!

  3. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Oh, Jen, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t imagine the heartache in that conversation. I’m thinking of you and your husband.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Oh no. I’m terribly sorry.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Oh that is so horrible. I’m sorry.

  6. K Says:

    Oh, that’s just awful, awful, awful. I’m so very sorry for you and your husband. As a person who is absolutely in LOVE with her dog – I think it’s a blessing that yours went in his sleep. I often think that having to make a decision to put my dog down would utterly do me in. Thinking of you…

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