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PGD Results

August 31, 2007

The embryologist just called to let me know how our 15 embryos did…

Of the 15, six are predicted normal – four are blastocysts and two are morulas. That’s good right?

Furthermore, the embryologist said he spoke with the doctor this morning and because of my age (31) I can transfer two or even three. Three? WTF? In all that I’ve been told, they at most will do two for someone under 35. Why suddenly three? He was yapping about how that would increase the odds for multiples, etc. You think?

He also said that they will watch their development and, hopefully, we will have several strong ones to freeze.

On the flip side, seven were definitely affected and two were inconclusive, one of which had only my chromosomes. And can I tell you how pleased this made me? It just really validated the reason we chose to do PGD and IVF in the first place. Of the 13 ones they could really test, 54 percent had OI, 46 percent didn’t. We don’t want to pass along this disease and it seems we have a significant chance to do so conceiving naturally.

So now I’m excited, anxious and nervous. The big T-day. In a little more than 2 1/2 hours. Eeeeeek.


Embryo update (Edited)

August 29, 2007

Please forgive me for the gushing I am about to embark upon. It is just you don’t often hear, or I assume, the embryologist telling you, “Your embryos are just beautiful. They are just gorgeous.”

Stunned and slack jawed.

I figured some of our lovely 15 had fallen by the wayside. Rather, she said all but one of our day threeseys were high-grade seven- or eight-cell embryos. There was a single four-cell developing. However, they were able to biopsy all 15.

Can I tell you how thrilled I am with the news? Of course, my dear husband said it was because he had good sperm. I am just thrilled that this means we will likely have a non OI affected embryo to put in there Friday.

Eeek. Friday can’t come soon enough!

*And I totally didn’t mean to imply that everyone out there’s embryos aren’t gorgeous and beautiful. I just found it funny she was gushing so I had to gush. I probably am a bitch, just not that big of a bitch to think my embryos are any more superior to any of yours. All apologies if I offended. Everyone deserves the chance at parenthood.*

Prom.etrium in the middle stall

August 28, 2007

Inserting a pro.metrium suppository high up your hoo-hah at work is an experience.

I mean, my husband has graciously offered to help insert the suppository as he mentioned he was, ahem, familiar with the terrain. But I gently declined his offer. I can’t imagine why?!

So my first day at work inserting the suppository went as well as could be expected. I diligently washed my hands and tried not to touch the door much when going into the stall. I figured I had up to five minutes to complete the task as my frozen tv dinner was cooking in the microwave, as I thought what better way to up the doctor’s recommended surge in sodium to avoid OHSS by eating frozen tv dinners all week?

I won’t go into the actual details. I figure that is best left to my hubby’s imagination. But I half expected someone to come in and recognize my shoes and start having a conversation about the weather or the pink and black bottled water dispenser randomly left in the hallway. And no, it’s not a Hell.o Kit.ty one pictured because that would be hella cool and I’d have to somehow pilfer it for my own office, but black and pink nonetheless.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Just so you get the idea.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBut not a single soul came in to disturb me from the task at hand. And really, it wasn’t that awful. Or as dramatic as I made it seem in my head the two minutes before I did it.

So that hurdle has been cleared. The fear of dropping the suppository on the bathroom floor still remains. But, hopefully, I will overcome that too.

As for my postretrievalness, I am still drinking two liters of water and two gator.ades a day and, obviously, consuming a diet rich in sodium. I can’t have my chocolate fix with its caffeine but I sure can eat those potato chips or french fries. Hmph. I am feeling pretty good aside from the fact 2 p.m. rolls around every day and I want to take a nap. And that when I need to pee, it’s like this immediate urge. I fear I may need to buy some dep.ends for the ride home on light rail, just in case.

I’m anxious, scared and excited for Friday to hurry up and arrive. I just hope this works. And I want to send some love to Amy R. and The Oneliner today. I’m thinking of you girls!

Fertilization report

August 27, 2007

Apparently, not only do my husband and I like each other but also our eggs and sperm do too.

The nurse called to let us know that of the 17 eggs harvested that they were able to ICSI 16 of them (ICSI not because of any motility issues but rather the hubby’s soon-to-be gone gross smoking habit).

And 15 fertilized, which, means mathmatically only 7.5 will have osteogenesis imperfecta and 7.5 won’t, so then by day five we should have at least one or two healthy ones to transfer.

Or so I am crossing everything hoping that will be the case come Friday. Yipee!


August 26, 2007

And the number is…. SEVENTEEN.

Honestly, I was hoping for a few more eggs based on the number of follicles I had, but 17 can be my new lucky number. Now, back to the sodium and gat.orade.