True Calling

After college and cohabitation, I figured my FUP was merely a representation of my lack of routine exercise and healthy eating, a slowing metabolism and a constant question raiser amongst others of whether or not my belly was the beginnings of a baby bump.

Last night, my fup found her true calling – recipient of Lupron. 

I don’t mind needles. I am fine with blood draws. But the idea of poking myself in the belly with medicine freaked me out. And yes, I know the little orange syringes have like the babiest needles ever. But go with me. This is our first time with IVF and babymaking in general, so I was a little bit anxious.

For whatever reason, my hubby and I decided that 8 p.m. will be the time for nightly injections. Our routine or something. So at 8 promptly, he tells me it’s time. My heart is racing, my stomach has butterflies. And no, it doesn’t help my sister is part of the audience watching.

So I am standing in our bedroom, cleaning the lid of the Lupron bottle, which by the way appears half empty and in no way adequate of lasting me 20 days, but I called the pharmacy and swear it will… So I fill up my syringe, make sure that my husband agrees it’s 10 units and there is no air in the needle (that’s another fear of mine, I’ll kill myself with injected air bubbles).

I rub my tummy with the alcohol pad, grab some of my fabulous fup and stick it in (like a dart, who knew my body also could be a pub game?) release said fup and inject. That was it. It was painless. I just did it.

And I was left dumbfounded, and with a crazy surge of adrenaline and a feeling of accomplishment.

Forget the fact, the next 19 days I will continue to do it and I’m sure, by then, the newness and fantasticness of me being able to use a syringe will have worn off. But for now, I am an awesome lady of the needle.

And a complete dork.


5 Responses to “True Calling”

  1. all4moi Says:

    Your FUP is perfect just the way it is!! Congratulations, one down, 19 to go!!! WOO HOO!

  2. Radish Says:

    Way to go!!

  3. christina Says:

    go you.

    i have never injected myself. it scares the bejesus out of me. although i’m gonna have to with the follistim.

    hopefully this will ALL be worth it. 🙂

  4. Amy R Says:

    Your post hit home for me. Thank goodness for my ‘fup’ also in helping out with the tummy injections (I just learned a new word!!) 🙂 All of a sudden that ‘My Humps’ song is going through my head, except I’m substituting the ‘humps’ for ‘fup’. Hahah 🙂

  5. Mary Ellen Says:

    Awesome! I am glad your first shot went well!

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