Waiting for Her…

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In case you didn’t know, I worry. A lot. So, is it appropriate for me to worry that my dear AF hasn’t arrived? My lovely IVF calendar says to expect her appearance either today or tomorrow before my first ultrasound on Wednesday. You see that little calendar in the picture? It says it there… Apparently, my ovaries don’t read.

So now I’ve got this crazy notion that I’m totally not suppressed and that I’m going to have to cancel this IVF cycle and waste millions of dollars on nothing.

And I thought Lupron wasn’t causing any symptoms!

Maybe I am just being a spaz as this is our first try EVER at getting pregnant and I feel lots of pressure to conceive. I just really, really want this to work and us to reach retrieval. I have no pregnancy, no trying to get pregnant kind of history. I don’t know how my body reacts to Lupron in conjunction with 16 days of BC pills.


Yeah, sorry for the crazy bitch worry fest. It apparently is my new way to react to everything.


6 Responses to “Waiting for Her…”

  1. Rella Says:

    Having gone through the hormonal strategies numerous times, I started adopting my own strategies for inducing my period (and other stages of my cycle too). See, I had a friend tell me once during the implantation window after embryo transfer that I should do ‘sticky’ things like sew things together and make big velcro balls. So, once when I was waiting for my period to start, I dug out the lillies in our front yard and really cleaned the hole I dug very well imagining that it was the lining of my uterus. Believe it or not, I started bleeding a few hours later (granted, it was on the ‘calendar’ but it was on the early side of the estimate).

  2. Matthew M. F. Miller Says:

    React however you need to, just make sure you can find comfort in order to center yourself. I hope you find calmness soon.

  3. Amy R Says:

    Jen, I totally get this post. Based on what everyone has said though, its fine whether or not we get AF. I hope everyone is right. I’m on my third day of spotting now with no real flow in sight. Very frustrating! When do you start stims? I’m assuming very soon, just like me. I hope stims for both of us goes well like the Lupron has. HUGS TO YOU!

  4. Frank N. Beans Says:

    Wow, you are about 3 weeks ahead of us. We will be keeping our fingers crossed!

  5. Mary Ellen Says:

    Damn AF. She never cooperates when you need her to.

  6. theoneliner Says:

    wouldn’t you know, the one time you need her. wear white. oh, wait that was highschool.

    still cheering you on,

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