Better late than never… *UPDATED*

Procrastination is a skill I first acquired in high school and since perfected through college and grad school. Even today, I get away with putting off today’s work for tomorrow’s deadline.

And, apparently, AF was taking notes all these years.

It isn’t funny girl.

After a harrowing drive home from my light-rail station last night, in which my car battery decided to suffer its death throes by flashing all my lights, making my speedometer not work, etc., I made it home safely. The car wouldn’t start again, but I was home. Still with cramping. Still without flow.

A quick $120 trip to Checker Auto Parts, installation of the new battery by my hubby and we were good to go. At least, we could drive wherever we were going. Like my 7:30 am ultrasound and blood draw.

But somehow, that not-so-funny AF made her long-anticipated bow between the little pink I saw at bedtime to the crimson tide at 6 am.

I am not amused but SO thankful. I should have worn white undies sooner.

As for the ultrasound, two minutes with the dildo cam and I was done. The tech said everything looked good, there weren’t any cysts and it looked like I had a lot of follicles, which should mean good things but she doesn’t want to get my hopes up. Insert me going on a three-minute discourse about how we are only doing IVF for genetic reasons and have no idea if we are infertile or not, blah blah….

Then I met with a nurse who apparently didn’t read our chart. Again, I explained we were doing PGD. Have you talked to our genetic counselor? Excuse me? You think I got this far without talking to a zillion genetic counselors? I just randomly paid $4,500 for PGD at the clinic you are sending the cell samples to? My favorite question though was, “What kind of biopsy on the embryo would it be?” Um? Yeah. That’s what I am paying you to figure out.

So now I wait for the call from the doc to really get the go ahead on starting stims tomorrow. It’s crazy that it’s been nothing but wait, wait, wait and all of the sudden it’s happen so very fast.

*My doctor’s office left me a message while at lunch to say my bloodwork and ultrasound looked great and I’m all set to start stimulation tomorrow. Yay!*


2 Responses to “Better late than never… *UPDATED*”

  1. Amy R Says:

    Jen, we’re starting stims on the same day!! I’m going to be practicing tonight. Are you guys doing ICSI also? We’re only do ICSI; no PGD. Good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes well for both of us 🙂

  2. topcat Says:

    Good luck on the stims! I started today.

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