All Thumbs

Apparently, one of the side affects of my stims – a delightful mix of Meno.pur and Go.nal F – is the resulting dreams at night.

Or really, the fact I watched Free.dom Fer.ti.lity’s online video tutorial and I was kinda creeped out by the manicure of the demonstration hands. You think I’d worry at night about if this is going to work, if I can get pregnant, if there will be enough embies to biopsy, etc.

No, I woke up at least twice physically scratching my thumbs thinking how much I really disliked those sample hands manicure. Who has a french manicure like that? Aren’t those nails a bit cumbersome in trying to grasp what little fat she has on her body for injection? Those nail tips are awfully square arent’ they?

Ridiculous isn’t it? Especially coming from a girl who has never EVER had a professional manicure or pedicure in her life (the 20/20 special on the women who had crazy bacteria-infected legs from going to unsanitary salons clinched it.) But maybe that is why I have such a conscious and subconscious interest in this model’s hands… Or I have a fetish I am just now discovering.

The offending thumb:

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And to be fair, my thumb. (Notice it’s set against the red of my couch. Such artistry. Ha! Such blurriness and ridiculousness!)

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Seriously, the first day went well. I can only hope the remaining nine go so smooth!


5 Responses to “All Thumbs”

  1. Frank N. Beans Says:

    Those videos are the worst. We watched one on youtube the other night. After five minutes of watching the women prepare the injection and shoot herself up, she says to the camera. “And basically repeat this for the next six weeks.” Mrs. Beans burst into tears. Good Times.

  2. theoneliner Says:

    ohmygoodness you are funny. hey, if i could do my nails like that, i wouldn’t get a manicure either.

  3. Amy R Says:

    Jen, how are stims going to far? Besides dreams, any side affects? I have none so far. Have a good weekend 🙂

  4. Amy R Says:

    Good luck at the ultrasound tomorrow! I don’t get one until day 7 unfortunately. I wish I could have one earlier because I want to know if its working!!! xoxo 🙂

  5. topcat Says:

    Wow, those nails are SO boxy. Like an 80’s Volvo.

    Yours are much nicer!! Good luck on the stims, I’ll be back to check how you are doin! xo

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