The 44 *The up, or rather down, date*

44 follicles.

I dreamt they found 44 follicles this morning at my first ultrasound since starting my stims on Thursday. Thankfully, it was only a nightmare. And how my 27 resting ones would nearly double… Yeah, I love my stim side effects.

After waiting some 40 minutes or so for my three-minute wanding, the sonographer and I discovered I have 8-9 follicles on each side. Only they are a little bigger than normal. As it’s my first time with meds and technically, we aren’t infertile. It wasn’t a shock to learn I seem to be responding well.

So, I wait for my nurse consult. The single sonographer working today comes back in flustered. She forgot to print my numbers. We have to do the wanding, again. Apparently, weekends are bad around 9 am when patients of all four offices of my clinic converge on this single main one, the only one open on the weekends. And all those early appointments never make it on time. Of course not.

The meeting with the nurse is brief. She figures my estradiol will be high when she gets the blood work back, so we will likely decrease my F tonight. And because my follies are measuring 1.5 cm at this point, I need to come in everyday, as that is their protocol. Never mind everyday but tomorrow I was scheduled anyway, so what’s another wanding or blood draw?

It was a two-for-one day already!

But I am hopeful that the reduction in meds will get me on track to a successful retrieval. Fingers crossed!

** The downshifting in meds has begun, at least temporarily. Last night, I got to halve my Gona.l F injection, while this morning I halved my Meno.pur. Tonight I resume the previously prescribed Gona.l F amount but continue with the single vial of Men.opur until my ultrasound tomorrow. They opted to cancel my ultrasound this morning as they figured they’d seen enough of my ovaries for one day. Or that’s what I’m guessing. **


6 Responses to “The 44 *The up, or rather down, date*”

  1. Becks Says:

    This all sounds like really promising stuff. You definitely be heading for retrieval. Its good they are looking at you every day so they trigger you at exactly the right time. Good luck!

  2. Amy R Says:

    Greats numbers! I don’t understand why they are reducing your meds. Do they feel like you are stimming too fast? Well 8-9 on each side is wonderful news; good luck Jen 🙂

  3. Kristen Says:

    I’m glad that was just a dream…whew!

    But it seems to be pretty promising. I’m sorry you have to do another dildo cam but at this point, who is fazed by that?

    Good luck!

  4. maryellenandsteve Says:

    Sounds promising! You will be headed for retrieval in no time. Good luck my dear.

  5. theoneliner Says:

    holy cow, with 44 you could have a soccer team, even after PGD!!

  6. Amy R Says:

    Day 5 of stims was went fine, thank goodness!! 🙂 Have a great day!

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