Changing dates…

A few of the more interesting quotes from my ultrasound this morning, day six of stims:

  • “Well, your ovaries really like this medication.”
  • “I don’t think you will make it till next week’s retrieval.”
  • “Hey Jen, how are you doing?”

My sonographer noted that I was doing very well. Although, she didn’t give me specifics on numbers of follicles or sizes, I spied on the screen that all of the ones she measured are above 1.4 centimeters. I counted 11. I want more. Maybe I’m being greedy but I just fear doing the PGD we won’t have a lot to transfer and that freaks me out.

In meeting with my nurse, she said that because I am responding so well my tentative retrieval date Monday will likely be a no go, as they won’t want me to wait that long. They won’t retrieve before day eight of stims, but I could be triggering as early as Thursday night and retrieving this weekend. That is fine and good but it means that I am going to miss David Beckham’s appearance against the Rapids this year. And that sucks. Have you seen how pretty he is? At the All-Star Game he was gorgeous and to actually see him on the pitch. Sigh. What priorities I’ve got.

As I was walking into the ultrasound office, I heard a male voice asking how I was. It was my doctor. I’ve met with him two times. Once for the initial consult and the second when he looked up my hoo-hah and such. I was pleasantly surprised to see he remembered me. Maybe I don’t give my doctor enough credit but I was pleased.

So I again wait for the call from the nurse on my meds protocol. And I am really getting excited and nervous. And I really need to get a lot of work done if I am doing a transfer during the week as opposed to Labor Day weekend. Eek.


One Response to “Changing dates…”

  1. Amy R Says:

    Hi Jen, I’m so glad that things are looking good!! I wonder why they didn’t tell you how many they counted!! Well, you’ll be finding out soon enough how many they retrieved, but I think 11 is an outstanding number. But I do understand your concerns about PGD too, so I’m hoping there are a few more hidden in there.

    I am going in tomorrow morning for a checkup. I’m very excited but nervous they’ll be bad news. I am starting to feel twinges of ‘activity’ down there though. It actually hurt to climb the stairs last night! Today I’m wearing a skirt so I have a bit of ‘breathing room’. 😉

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