Getting some and holding out *Geez…*

Before we started this IVF procedure, I never thought I’d ask a third party for advice on when we should have sex. Yet this morning I asked my nurse when and if we should do the deed. Or if my husband should just take care of it himself before he abstains for retrieval.

Her response? That we should do it tonight, after all he might not be getting any for a long while. So apparently, nurse’s orders, he’ll be getting a little action whether he wants to or not.

As for me, she hopes I can hold out for another day before triggering. Ok. Um. It’s just bloatiness. I’m not a crazy raging biatch like I thought I would be on the meds.

So it appears we will trigger tomorrow night and retrieve Saturday morning. And if we have healthy embies on day 5, Thursday is the big transfer day. Crazy.

** So not only did I get to spend another $2500 today for the actual testing for our PGD my F got knocked down to 37.5 tonight. Um, I have in my fridge two unused pens and nine vials of Meno.pur. If this cycle doesn’t work, I think I’ll have enough for the next. AArgh. But really if it leads to a healthy baby it is worth it. **


3 Responses to “Getting some and holding out *Geez…*”

  1. Amy R Says:

    Wowzers! Thats great news Jen…I’m hoping all goes well for you!! And you’ll have the weekend to rest up too. Have fun tonight 😉

  2. Becks Says:

    Hope your hubby enjoyed his treat!! Hope all goes well for the retreival oh and glad you like our David Beckham…he is cute, definitely improved with age.

  3. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Hope you had a nice night last night and hopefully you’ll have reason for a drought in the sex life very soon.

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