Embryo update (Edited)

Please forgive me for the gushing I am about to embark upon. It is just you don’t often hear, or I assume, the embryologist telling you, “Your embryos are just beautiful. They are just gorgeous.”

Stunned and slack jawed.

I figured some of our lovely 15 had fallen by the wayside. Rather, she said all but one of our day threeseys were high-grade seven- or eight-cell embryos. There was a single four-cell developing. However, they were able to biopsy all 15.

Can I tell you how thrilled I am with the news? Of course, my dear husband said it was because he had good sperm. I am just thrilled that this means we will likely have a non OI affected embryo to put in there Friday.

Eeek. Friday can’t come soon enough!

*And I totally didn’t mean to imply that everyone out there’s embryos aren’t gorgeous and beautiful. I just found it funny she was gushing so I had to gush. I probably am a bitch, just not that big of a bitch to think my embryos are any more superior to any of yours. All apologies if I offended. Everyone deserves the chance at parenthood.*


7 Responses to “Embryo update (Edited)”

  1. Pamala Says:

    I’m so excited! Sounds like you have a great chance here so you’ll have to keep us updated!!!
    How long after they implant will you know for sure whether it took or not?

  2. Jen Says:

    My beta, assuming everything goes as planned, fingers crossed, should be Sept. 9.

  3. Erin Says:

    That is such great news. Good luck on Friday and making it through the 2ww!!

  4. Becks Says:

    I am so pleased for you Jen. Good luck for Friday and the 2 weeks after that.

  5. Serenity Says:

    Great news. May they continue to flourish and you have a couple of EXCELLENT ones to put back!!!!!!

  6. Pamala Says:

    I don’t see how you could offend anyone seeing as you are just excited and that’s never wrong to be.

  7. Erin Says:

    Please don’t worry about offending anyone with your gushing! They are superior to you, because they’re YOURS! Just like when they become kids they’ll be the best kids in town! (Except mine.) 🙂

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