Sofa City Sweetheart

As my time sequestered on the sofa is coming to an end, it is still surreal to me that I have two maybe babies inside.

I don’t feel any different, aside from the fatigue of sitting on the couch and watching a mix of college football and 17 hours of U.S. Open tennis coverage. But I am absolutely thrilled to be in this position. And I’m constantly telling my belly how much I’d like to be a mama.

I’m convinced one of the transferred embryos is a boy. It was the stubborn one that was stuck in the tubey thing they use to transfer into my uterus. But overall, the transfer went well. My hubby got to see the two we transferred as well as watch the entire procedure. Lucky him, he even got to see me use a bed pan for the first time. Love, ain’t it grand?

Yesterday, we got even better news. At the time of transfer, of the six nonaffected embies three were developing really well and the others were a little behind. The embryologist called Saturday to let us know that of the four remaining, three continued to develop, which they were able to freeze. THREE!? Five of the six normal embryos we were able to use. I feel so very, very lucky.

I’m also a little freaked.

It seems EVERYONE knows what we are doing. I apparently live with two Chatty Cathys. I told my three closest girlfriends, my mom and my officemate at work, who hears all of my telephone conversations and would be most affected by me being gone for treatments, pregnancy, etc. That was it.

My two roomies. Every relative. Every coworker. Every friend. I seriously think 50-plus people know.

It’s like this growing web of people. I guess my neighbors and my mailman don’t know. But everyone who has called me, has asked when we’d know it worked. I am so glad they are positive it will work but I don’t want to count my eggs before their hatched.

So I wait. I try to be positive. And continue to tell the embryos that they should stick around for awhile.

And this two-week wait thing sucks. Not near as much as all those movies I flipped through this weekend but pretty close.


4 Responses to “Sofa City Sweetheart”

  1. Amy R Says:

    Hoping good things for ya and to tons of stickiness all around! 🙂

  2. topcat Says:

    Hey Jen – Re. your stubborn maybe boy who got stuck in the tube ….. he’s sticky already!! That’s a great sign! During my transfer I told my doc I had a dream the embie got stuck in the tube – he said “Well, that’s good, it means he’s already sticky!!”

    Oooh, here we are in the 2WW. Good luck!! And that’s FANTASTIC about your three frozen snowbubs.

  3. Becks Says:

    Congrats on the transfer and the one’s on ice. Good luck for the 2ww!

  4. all4moi Says:

    Did you see the Lifetime movie about the high school kids who all sleep around with each other? But the one “cheated” on the group and brought back crabs? Why was this a good idea – and why did I actually watch most of it?!?!?!

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