This waiting thing sucks…

How I am going to make it through this week is anybody’s guess at this point.

And I’m rather freaking out as I’ve got really no noticeable symptoms. And I am looking so hard for any kind of symptom that since there aren’t really any I’m spazing out. Seriously.

I’m kinda tired. But that could be because I am at work when for the past four days my life has been predominately confined to the couch and a quick trip to Tar.get. My boobs are sore, but that’s likely the prom.etrium. I can “feel” my belly. I just notice that its there and there are twinges and such. I don’t notice my leg for example unless I think about it.

I am hopeful though that since everything looked so good up this point, the last piece of the puzzle will fall into place. I am crossing everything. And I’m only 4dp5dt. It is still early. But stick, stick, stick.


9 Responses to “This waiting thing sucks…”

  1. Amy R Says:

    I feel nothing yet either. Nada. As soon as I read about your boobs being sore I started feeling myself up and down my chest like the porn star I am but nope, no soreness. It’s going to be a looooong week 😦

  2. Serenity Says:

    I didn’t feel anything until the end, and then what I felt was VERY VERY mild. Really. It can go either way – symptoms or no symptoms doesn’t mean it did or didn’t work. Which is the worst part of the whole thing.

    Hang in there, hon…

  3. maryellenandsteve Says:

    Hang in there honey. I hope that your little embryos decide to stick. Thinking of you.

  4. Erin Says:

    Oh SymptomWatch. How painful is it that:

    A) progesterone causes PG symptoms?
    B) AF symptoms mimic PG symptoms? and
    C) No symptoms at all are supposedly the most telling symptom of all!?
    (Women answering this poll are supposedly all pg)

    I hope you make it through the rest of the week without going too crazy and that symptoms or not, you end up a wannabe no more!

  5. Kristen Says:

    I’m sendings lots of sticky vibes your way! No symptoms is perfectly normal at this point so I’m hoping that nothing means something!


  6. topcat Says:

    I hear you. I really do! *sigh*

    Pure, unadulterated, drawn-out torture. Hope you’re holding up ok.

  7. Pamala Says:

    I’m sending you sticking vibes! STICK!!

  8. Matthew M. F. Miller Says:

    Tonight I will only eat sticky things in honor of you and your embryos.

    Looks like honey and taffy for dinner!

    In seriousness, best wishes to you. You’re certainly in my thoughts.

  9. christina Says:

    You really do have such a GREAT shot at being preggy. Try to make yourself busy…although if you can do that…PLEASE tell me how!
    GL!! We’re all pulling for ya’

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