Brown. Red. Brown.

Keep off your feet. Drink plenty of fluids. It could be that both implanted and one isn’t making it. Or something else. It is too early to know. We have to wait till beta unless I have a fever. Or pain. Or soak a pad.

Fuck. Weren’t we supposed to get pregnant the first time? We aren’t inferile. Just genetically screwy.



5 Responses to “FUCK”

  1. Serenity Says:

    *hug* I’m going to hold out hope; I’ve heard too many stories about women who thought they had AF only to find that they got a BFP instead.

    Hang in there hon…

  2. Amy R Says:

    Jen, I have no idea. I am also holding out hope.

  3. christina Says:

    oh no.
    i KNOW it is scary as all h3ll…but i know so many people who spotted for WEEKS during the first weeks.
    hang in there and we are all hoping and praying for you.

  4. Pamala Says:

    Yeah although scary as hell, people do spot in the beginning especially after implantation. It’s brown so it’s old, that might be a good sign.

  5. christina Says:

    thinking of you

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