It only gets better…

So I go to the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. Supposedly one of the best clinics out there, right?

Oh, my nurse forgot to tell me I needed another ultrasound. What?

Oh, and depending on that we might instead give you a D&C.

I am so not trying to cry at work. But I’m beyond frustrated. I’m angry. Sad. Disappointed.

Fucky fuck fuck.


4 Responses to “It only gets better…”

  1. Serenity Says:

    Oh hon. I’m sorry.

    I’m not sure if it helps, but if nothing’s shown up on your uterus before now, then the chances are good you WON’T need a D&C. I think you’re going to need the methrodexate if you need anything.

    Hopefully the blood draw will be conclusive and you can move on.

    God, this just sucks. I wish I lived in Colorado so I can come take you out and get you drunk.

    *hug* I’m thinking of you.

  2. infertilityjustsucks Says:

    It’s just appalling to me how some nurses can be so callous. Just because they deal with this every day it doesn’t mean that the patients do.

    I’m sorry…Sorry she was blunt, sorry she gave you stupid-bad-surprise news, sorry that your day sucked.

    But I’m hopeful and thinking of you.

  3. Pamala Says:

    Yeah doctors and nurses are weird sometimes. I’m thinking of you though!

  4. Mrs B Says:

    Having just gotten the news yesterday that this “is not a viable pregnancy” I can so feel your pain, and anger, and frustration. It isn’t fair what we have to go through and it never will be. I wish I could offer some great words of wisdom to help you feel better but I haven’t heard them myself yet so I got nothing.

    But maybe just knowing that there are others out there who completely understand what you are feeling might help a little bit. Good luck to you.

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