This morning I go in for the shot. They are pretty sure it’s ectopic. And I am so scared that this will forever be my future. Never a normal pregnancy. Thank you all for hanging in there with me. I know I haven’t been the most pleasant person. And I know I won’t be for the next three months, waiting once more before we can try again.


10 Responses to “Today”

  1. singletracey Says:

    Hey sweetie.. Just know that I am thinking of you. This sucks.. I know.. But it does get better after this. Email me if you want to talk.. you can call me to and I can share my experience.. email me and I will give you my number…


  2. SJ Says:

    Wow… you’ve really got to give yourself credit for how you’ve been just getting through these days. And work, too. That is soooo hard while this stuff is happening.

    I have the same worries myself about another tubal/probably-tubal-but-noone-really-knew-for-sure pregnancy. Try not to think about it for the moment and just focus on healing right now. You’ve been through so much.

  3. Mel Says:

    I am so sorry, Jen. I’m just sending a hug.

  4. Bea Says:

    I’m sorry it’s happening this way. I hope there are no more troubles after this.


  5. Hez Says:

    I’m very sorry. Many, many hugs to you.

  6. Carrie Says:

    I’m so sorry. Life is so unfair at times. I am sorry you are going through this.

  7. Merideth Says:

    Oh man, this really freaking sucks. I’m so sorry.

  8. millie Says:

    I saw your news over on Mel’s site and just wanted to come by and offer my support.

    I’ve had a couple of ectopic pregnancies and they just suck. I’ve had the meth and the surgery both and just hate to someone else going through it.

    The three months can be quite frustrating as well. Make sure to talk to your doc about getting on folgard when you can as the meth will totally deplete your folic acid stores.

    If you ever want to chat, please feel free to email me. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you that the meth will do its job and you will be able to move on.

    So very sorry.

  9. topcat Says:

    Jen I just want to say that I am so sorry. It’s SO not fair. I’m thinking of you, and hoping this goes as smoothly as possible for you. x

  10. Leah Says:

    I’m so sorry that this sucks so much. I had a totally mystifying situation like this with my first miscarriage and the torture of the waiting ate a hole into my soul. I eventually ended up with a methotrexate shot, and I was crushed.

    There is absolutely nothing I can say that would be helpful right now except that I am thinking of you and trying to send you lots of strength.

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