Down, down, down…

After a blissful week away from work, I am back to the reality that I did, in fact, not marry a millionaire and, therefore, I have to return to the 9-to-5 world.

Insert many boos and hisses…

But I am doing better. At least physically. My beta has plummeted to 55. I am hopeful that by this Friday’s check I will have dropped to below 5 so I can be done with the blood draws. It’s really bad when the gal in our lab doesn’t need paperwork on me to know who I am or what I am there for. I did bring in a picture of our puppy, however. She has a board of all the fur babies, which, apparently, leads to real babies. Or so she says. So my fingers are crossed.

Otherwise, nothing new here. Except our fence fell down. Lovely wind and snow. So that’s a fun unexpected expense. and go Rockies. We all are now bandwagon baseball fans here.


One Response to “Down, down, down…”

  1. maryellenandsteve Says:

    Good news that the levels are dropping. Thinking of you sweetie.

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