The Evil Genius that is Cadbury

Once a year, the crazy emerges. When giant-sized bags purchased from Cl.ub get stuffed into my bra drawer.

Regretfully, admittedly, I hoard Cad.bury Mini Eggs at Easter. But I figure it is once a year when the sugar coated egg-shaped bites of pure heaven are packaged in a purple bag for my rabid consumption.

And keeping them in the bra drawer really only is successful in having me grab a handful when I get dressed in the morning, not keeping them safe for year-round delight. Yet it is my Easter tradition.

Or so I thought.

Cruising the grocery store last evening for another eventful Saturday night in my life, I stumbled upon the ruin of my FET. The bastards at Cad.bury have invented a Christmas version of the Mini Eggs.

Don’t they know that I gave up chocolate during my first IVF and will again do so for FET No. 1? Damn you minimal amount of caffeine in chocolate.

I guess my only choice is to consume the 11-ounce bag purchased last night before I start BCPs this weekend. Damn the luck.

But it is a sacrifice I will make.


5 Responses to “The Evil Genius that is Cadbury”

  1. Frank N. Beans Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Mrs. Beans loves the mini-eggs. I will scout ahead at CVS to make sure that the aisles are cleared of these tempting little devils.

  2. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    HA HA HA! That is great. I love those stupid eggs too. Good luck eating the bag before the end of the weekend! 🙂

  3. Mary Ellen Says:

    Too funny.

  4. singletracey Says:

    OMG… Cadbury minieggs at Easter are my FAVORITE! I could plow through those bags so fast it could make someones head spin! How DARE they make them available to me 2 per year! That is terrible. So terrible that must find them and eat them all up!

  5. Becks Says:

    Mmmmmm enjoy the eggs…go for it girl, we have to sacrifice so much so you go ahead and stuff your face!!

    Pleased you have a plan in place, I know it helps me to get thinking about the fture when I have a plan.

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