It’s a date

Seven days late and one pregnancy test later, I finally arrived at cycle day one.

I marked the occasion with a little dance in the middle bathroom stall while a squeal of “yay” escaped my lips. Yes, it is the little things that excite me. And, thankfully, it was a slow Friday at work and in the bathroom, so no one was there to hear me. I can’t imagine what they would think of me cheering my activities in said middle stall.

Regardless, my dear Auntie is finally here. And so is the date for our transfer.

Here are the important deets:

  • * Lining permitting, January 15th is the date of the transfer. Stupid me, I really wasn’t expecting a date when I spoke with the nurse Friday night. Why I was expecting it? I haven’t a clue. But it will be just over the three-month mark since the methotrexate shot, which makes my clinic very happy.
  • * Because they are pushing me to three months past, I am on birth control since until the 21st. So, basically, it’s like a full cycle on birth control pills.
  • * Speaking of those pills, my nurse game me a free sample. Somehow, I couldn’t convince her to slip me a sample Lup.ron kit. However, these pills are the craziest pills I’ve ever taken. EVER. First, what company decides to name their pills Femcon? It sounds like some futuristic feminist robot fighting for equal rights. Not that there is anything wrong with a feminist robot fighting for equal rights, but it just seems an odd name, at least to me, for pills.
  • * And the pills, they are chewable and mint flavored. My nurse recommended not chewing them. I agreed. But they still taste like toothpaste going down. Or maybe those mint flavored condoms we got from the RA our freshman year in college and just had to lick, for shits and giggles…
  • * Lu.pron starts the 17th
  • * I get my next period the 25th! Merry Christmas to me!

Needless to say I am hopeful that the thawing goes well and we have two healthy blasts to transfer. Even if it means twins. Although, I really, really am adamant I won’t drive a minivan.


7 Responses to “It’s a date”

  1. meg Says:

    Good luck!

  2. Erica Says:

    good luck! I really hope this this Fet brings great results for you!

  3. Denise Says:

    I’m so excited you are on your way!

    Femcon is totally a strange name for BCP’s. It reminds me of Austin Powers (the female robots were “Fembots” if I remember correctly). And they are chewable?! That’s just not right. Do they make it in the form of gum? If they did, would you have to chew it for a certain amount of time for it to work, or would the protection rates just increase the longer you chew it? I am fascinated (if you can’t tell).

  4. Becks Says:

    So glad things are finally moving in the right direction for you. Here’s to a 2008 baby (or 2!).

  5. Lady In Waiting Says:

    I haven’t confirmed all of the dates with Dr. Gentle yet, but it looks like you and I may be cycling together (as long as no recovery from the Holy Polyp! removal is needed.) Thanks to the BCPs, my period should arrive on 12/27th.

    I will stay tuned and wish you luck!!


  6. Mary Ellen Says:

    So exciting! You are on your way my dear.

  7. Kristina Says:

    Good luck! Maybe you can help formulate citrus flavored Femcon.

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