A Stick Up My…

I think I have finally ironed out all the details of my calendar for our first FET.

The lamineria, affectionately referred to as the seaweed stick up my hoo-ha, will happen on the 21st.

My only instructions were to not take ibu.profen and to have someone take me home, because I could be in pain. I figure it’s a fun way to kick off my holiday break, a little seaweed, Santa bringing Aunt Flo Christmas Day. Good times. And I’ve yet to really Goo.gle the procedure and thus get myself worked into a frenzy over it.

But really, I’m not complaining. And trying not to worry about if the embies will thaw, the seaweed will hurt, etc. I am just trying to be content as I’m so.very.happy to be cycling once more.

Happy Wednesday! Happy Chanukkah!


5 Responses to “A Stick Up My…”

  1. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    I think it’s great that you have a plan and now you know how you’re proceeding. I always feel better when I have a sense of exactly where I’m going. I’m keeping everything crossed that this works out for you and that you have a truly amazing New Years. HUGS!

  2. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    well, the ho-ha fun doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s good to have a plan.

  3. Becks Says:

    Seaweed sticks up your lady garden…the fun never ends! Glad you are ok.

  4. singletracey Says:

    Plans.. oh how I love having a plan! seaweed.. wow.. what other wonderful things will they think of to jam up there!?!?! xoxoxox

  5. meg Says:

    Yeah for the plan!!!! Good luck!!!!

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