A Chorus Line

The only time I ever wore legwarmers was in ballet class. And back in the days when I was a teenage dancer weighing 115 pounds, I looked good in them. Even in the full-on legwarmer-material tights you’d wear when the studio would get cold.

However, being that I am far removed from my teenage years and that lovely lithe body, I can’t bring myself to wear the legwarmers purchased two months ago.

But I can wear armwarmers. To work. Don’t laugh.

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Photo courtesy Jen’s crappy cell phone camera 

And all I can think of is A Chorus Line. Like performing at my desk with a top hat and cane if I wasn’t hindered by the blanket wrapped around me, (yes, it is that cold at my desk, which emanates frigidness…) and throwing up jazz hands at anyone who happens to walk in. And then I wonder why on earth my mother let my sister and I watch that movie as children and not Flashdance in its entirety. Seriously. We loved A Chorus Line. And as we’ve discovered in our later years. We hate the movie. Like Stupidest. Movie. Ever.

I’m also obsessed with ABBA. But that is a whole different story, which includes my best friend and I as children pretending they were our parents. Frida, the redhead, was my mom.

My poor children are doomed.

Speaking of which, could this cycle be ANY longer? I’m very bummed that I have to wait this mandated three months to get going. All I am doing right now is abstaining from chocolate and popping my chewable, mint-flavored BCPs. At least next week Lu.pron starts. Maybe then it will feel like progress.

Until then, at least I’ve got warm forearms. One Singular Sensation…


9 Responses to “A Chorus Line”

  1. Meg Says:

    Very nice! Dancing Queen came on the other day and my freaking hubby had no clue who it was….I think I married the wrong man.

    Here’s to a good, productive cycle!

  2. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    i love ’em.
    and oh how i miss leg warmers. though, in that it’s SEVENTY SEVEN degrees in Georgia, my legs aren’t exactly cold. global warming, its a bitch.

    speaking of, this cycle is LONG. maybe your body really wants to cycle with mine again? you think??

  3. singletracey Says:

    I happen to own ABBA GOLD.. Greatest Hits and I LOVE IT!!!!

    I saw leg warmers in the store the other day.. it brought back memories. I loved them!! I loved wearing them to dance in and as a fashion statement in school. I especially loved being barefoot and putting them on and doing my best FLASHDANCE impersonation… heehee

    When some sort of shots start… it feels like things are moving forward 🙂

  4. Denise Says:

    Those arm-warmers are fantastic! I need to find myself a pair. I’m totally with you on wanting this cycle to start already…let’s get this party started!

  5. Kristina Says:

    Up and down the steep and narrow stairway. It wasn’t paradise. It wasn’t paradise. It wasn’t paradise, but it was hooooooome.

  6. michelle Says:

    FUNNY! Hey, your ring is gorgeous though. Look at that sparkle!

  7. Erica Says:

    Wow … where did you get those? I would LOVE a pair … my desk is always freezing at work … and people think i’m insane with a heater on under my desk (that is illegal) and a blanket wrapped around me …

    As for a Chorus Line, I stand behind my love of the movie … even to this day … speaking of, me and DH just saw a commercial for the musical on tv since it is back on broadway … i made a comment like “I love that show! Since you don’t know what to get me for Christmas, tickets would be a GREAT gift … ” … we’ll see how it goes!

    I wish you the best on your cycle. it’s all the waiting around that sucks so much about going through IVF … hang in there!

  8. Jen Says:

    FYI… The armwarmers were purchased at Target for like $10. And my office is home to an illegal space heater, for which we had a special outlet installed so it wouldn’t blow the server. Again.

  9. maryellenandsteve Says:

    Love them! I may need to get some of those.

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