Why Jamie-Lynn?

Oh. My. God. Y’all.

Jamie-Lynn Spears is pregnant. As in, 16-year-old sister of Britney. Knocked up by her long-term, live-in boyfriend, who happens to be 19.

Usually, being the gossip slut that I am, when I hear of these pregnant celebrities that jealous envious side of me kicks in. But with this? This doesn’t even register on my it’s-so-unfair-she’s-pregnant-and-I’m-not scale. It’s ranks high, however, on the does-she-really-understand-how-this-is-going-to-alter-the-rest-of-her-life scale.

And all I can think about with the news, aside from what parent actually lets their 16-year-old child live with a 19-year-old man, is my 16-year-old sister.

My youngest sister isn’t some Nickelodeon star or sibling of some crazy fading pop star. She’s just a high school sophomore with two older sisters, who aren’t famous or rich by any stretch of the imagination, and an older brother, a senior at her high school, who we surmise isn’t cool enough for her.

Oh yes, she is THAT girl.

The popular, pretty, bitchy type – complete with heavy eyeliner.

And it freaks me out.

I have no idea what being popular and pretty is like in high school. I was all about the newspaper, tennis team and my honors and AP classes. I wasn’t of the nerd herd but I wasn’t part of the clique trying to see who could sleep with the most guys either.

And even being THAT girl that I was, my senior year I fell for a football player at our rival high school. And I lost my virginity to him. The smart, eldest, responsible daughter.

I can only imagine what living in today’s sexualized society coupled with being a pretty, popular girl and having a recently-divorced mother on a man-mission to find rich hubby No. 3 does to a girl…

Thanks Jamie-Lynn. Now I am totally freaked that my littlest sister is going to get pregnant before she’s ready for that responsibility.

Planned Parenthood, here we come.


3 Responses to “Why Jamie-Lynn?”

  1. all4moi Says:

    Okay, seriously. She’s 16 and supposedly a role model of sort? Uh huh. This world is in big trouble.

    As for your sis…all you can do is make sure she’s educated…she might act like she’s too cool to listen, but you just have to hope that some of it gets implanted in her brain. Worse case, make her understand how truly uncool she’ll be staying home EVERY Friday night changing dirty diapers!

  2. maryellenandsteve Says:

    Don’t even get me started on this one….

  3. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    This is crazy on so many levels! I don’t even know where to start. At least her sister had enough sense to wait until she was an adult and married!

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