You don’t say…


I had to giggle when I read the news that Mama Spears is delaying her book about parenting. Really? That’s a shock. Although, I thinkcapt_14e950fad50044ab90d5922a22ace34b_people_jamie_lynn_spears_la201.jpg said it best…

So now that one of her daughters isn’t allowed to see her children, and her sixteen year-old is going to have one, Spears family matriarch Lynne has decided the time may be less than perfect for her new book about parenting, seeing as how there’s not much of a market for people trying to figure out how to become much worse parents.

Now where am I going to turn to for sage mothering advice? Hee…

I’m horrible.


3 Responses to “You don’t say…”

  1. modmillie Says:

    You know, I don’t think Mama Spears had much of a say in this “indefinite delay”. I do think, perhaps, we could learn an awful lot about what not to do from her.

  2. maryellenandsteve Says:

    You are too funny.

  3. Erica Says:

    Disturbing, isn’t it? That family is such a disaster…

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