My Money and My Embies Go to CCRM

Walking into CCRM’s new clinic this morning I discovered where all my money went.

While it’s not like the Jeff.erson Co.un.ty Administration and Court Building, known around these parts as the Ta.j Ma.hal, it’s still pretty fancy. Splashes of marble, a glass tile bathroom that I’d love to have in my house and hardwood floors in the ultrasound room.

I’m really curious to see the surgery center next week.

Yes next week, blood work results permitting.

I don’t know why I doubted my ute would oblige me in our first FET but I had butterflies this morning worrying my lining would be too thin or that my chocolate abstinence wouldn’t have made a difference.

But my tech put me at ease by first asking if I had healed. I thought it was amazing that she looked at my chart to know the beta hell/ectopic crap I’d gone through. Or, at least, I was happy she asked.

Pleasantries aside, we got down to the dildo cam. And the Doppler. Seriously, does anyone else get images of the weather forecast during the news when Doppler is mentioned? I was waiting for a weatherman to pop in and tell me about the latest front coming from the west…

But everything looked good, although it still freaks me out that she listens to my heart through my hoo-ha.

My lining is 12.5 with a triple pattern, which apparently is a good thing. The clinic likes above 8 and, as my nurse said, it’s ready. While the Doppler didn’t detect any blizzards, it did measure my blood flow. In what measurements, I don’t have a clue. But they like to see less than three, my left side was a 2.07 and my right a 1.65.

I won’t know until the 13th when my transfer time is on the 15th, due to all the fresh girls and their trigger shots, but my nurse indicated it will likely be in the afternoon.

Eek. I am getting excited.

We still plan on transferring two too. My nurse said the thaw rate is 50 percent while the doc had mentioned 80 percent. Grr. I love the conflicting numbers. Although, she said they wouldn’t freeze any blasts that wouldn’t thaw, so I’m hopeful two will thaw and we will have one left on ice.

I’m starting to get very excited and crossing everything in sight, which then makes me think of the little girl, her Cabb.age doll and the movie Of.f

Here’s to sticky thoughts!


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16 Responses to “My Money and My Embies Go to CCRM”

  1. all4moi Says:

    Did Ashton Altieri pop in the room while you were there? 🙂 Oh, my bad, he was having lunch at Jason’s Deli instead.

    Glad to hear the lining is prepped and you’ll be implanted at the Ritz! You deserve nothing but the finest!!

  2. Serenity Says:

    Good luck!!! Fingers crossed here hon…

  3. singletracey Says:

    oh.. I will be thinking of you .. I am so excited for your FET!!!!

  4. meg Says:

    Very excited for that FET!!! Good luck!

  5. Laura Says:

    I came across your blog on cyclesista. Just wanted to let you know I am rooting for you this cycle! Good luck!!

  6. Kristina Says:

    I’m so glad it was a positive appointment. I’m wishing you sticky thoughts…glue, peanut butter, gum, etc.

  7. maria Says:

    LOL, I love, love, love the movie Better Off Dead. My family still quotes lines from that movie “I want my two dollars” “That’s a shame, throwing away a perfectly good white boy”!

    Good luck this is so exciting! I wish things could move this fast during a fresh cycle. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that your snow babies defrost well.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Never thought I’d compliment someone on their uterine lining, but it sounds great! Sticky thoughts all around!!!

  9. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    It’s so exciting! It seems like it’s happening so quickly, but its fantastic that your body is doing what it is supposed to do. YAY! Hoping and praying that good news is on the horizon for you! 🙂

  10. abbynsasha Says:

    How exciting…sounds like you’re nearly RIPE! Good luck with everything…I’m hopeful for you this cycle!

  11. Erica Says:

    Very cool! I’m really keeping my fingers crossed and sending tons of positive vibes your way!

  12. Denise Says:

    12.5!!! I’m so jealous of your uterine lining. Never thought I’d ever type those words! The second I heard CCRM was moving to new offices, I knew they would be nice. I haven’t been there yet, but will go next week for my blood draw and I can’t wait to critique how well they’ve spent our money.

    I hate the conflicting information. I would trust the 80% as it agrees with what the embryologist told me. When I asked him about why the nurses told me different timing (thaw to transfer time) than he did he said the nurses just aren’t close enough to the process to know the right answer. Comforting, isn’t it?

    So were your embies frozen at the blast stage? I don’t know what to expect because ours were frozen at 2pn (whatever that means) the day after the retrieval. Email me if it’s easier to respond. I can’t believe you’re already so close to transfer!

  13. maryellenandsteve Says:

    Good luck Sweetie!!

  14. duck Says:

    I love the dildo wand reference, for some reason my dh calls it “the silver rod”, even though it’s beige, i guess it makes it sound magical. Yes you have some nice uterus lining there. Isn’t it weird how they all come up with different numbers when you ask for %chances.

    Good luck and I’ll keep checking back on you, have lots of sticky thoughts, think taffy in you uterus.

  15. peesticksandstones Says:

    Glass tile bathroom and hardwood floors in the ultrasound room? Sounds dreamy. I’m still holding out for a clinic that offers spa services along with your visits, though.

    Will be thinking of you this week! What a very exciting time this is…

  16. Nancy Says:

    omg. the weather reference for “doppler” had me cracking up. I’d never thought of it before, but I will forever think of it now 🙂

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