Beta #2 *Updated*

All I can say is phew!

I really wasn’t worried about the beta today, or at least I didn’t admit it to myself. Then once I got to the clinic, started talking to Denise – then I got freaked. Not because of anything she said, just the reality of what I was about to do. It didn’t help when the lab gal said people always seem more freaked out by the second beta. Thanks.

And then they didn’t call till 1 p.m.

But it was 114, which is nearly doubling. And according to Dr. Google and everything else, beta should double every 48-72 hours, which I’m in the window of. So, I am happy. I may have a little beta jealousy of all those other gals out there with BFP with big fat betas. But I try to remind myself, even with the ectopic, my little numbers kept on doubling. And its not the number that counts, just that its doubling, and the ultrasound is waaay more important.

Eek. It still seems unreal.

And I have nary a symptom. Just a stuffy nose and some mild heartburn.


Since several of you asked, I go in on Wednesday for an estrogen/progestrone check. From there, they will decide on adjusting my patches and suppositories. I didn’t yet ask about the u/s, since I am still a little more than a week out, according to the CCRM info on pregnancy they gave me. They schedule an u/s 2 1/2 weeks after beta #1. Or I was supposed to call them on my own and don’t know it. I figure I can ask Wednesday when the nurse calls. Thanks again for such warm, sticky and positive thoughts! 


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15 Responses to “Beta #2 *Updated*”

  1. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    I think that is a lovely number. Big fat betas really don’t mean much anyway, you’re right, it’s the doubling that counts. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for a beautiful u/s for you. 🙂


  2. Rebecca Says:

    I think it sounds great…good luck with the next one!

  3. Erica Says:

    Everything you said is 100% correct! Yeah for a great second beta! Do you do a third, or just right to ultrasound? My RE only did 2 betas.

  4. singletracey Says:

    AWESOME on the doubling beta my friend!!! Congrats again.. I am so excited for you 😉

  5. Lori Says:

    In the words of Spike Lee, “Mo’ Beta.”

    So glad things are looking good, Jen!

  6. luna Says:

    that is terrific news! the number itself doesn’t matter, so much as long as it’s nearly doubling. looking good is right!

  7. meg Says:

    Congrats! Doubling is what matters!

  8. Denise Says:

    When do you go back in? For another beta or for U/S? You might just be one of those people (who I’m jealous of) who don’t get too many symptoms, just like with the meds, right?

  9. Sue Says:

    Congrats! this is great news!!

  10. Serenity Says:

    Congrats!! It’s true… doubling is what matters. Awesome.

  11. bleu Says:

    Congrats. We are in the same place it seems. Almost same numbers as well. Sending good thoughts.

  12. Ahuva Batya Says:

    Wonderful news!

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Great news on a terrific 2nd beta…I’ll be waiting to hear from you about that U/S in 2 1/2 weeks…WOW, how exciting!!!

  14. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    This is great news!! I can’t wait to hear about the u/s!

  15. Kristen Says:

    Wow, I’m away for a little while and I miss so much! Congrats on the betas! I am praying that this is a sticky bean and I can’t wait to hear more good news from you! XOXO

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