February Horoscope

Can I tell you how much I LOVE my horoscope for February? Yay Libras!

And yes, I have to keep myself occupied somehow. I don’t have another hormone check until Wednesday and then the u/s the week after. Aargh. Can’t I just wake up and it be six months from now?

If you hope to have a baby, this eclipse could certainly bring news that the stork is on the way. Even if you had said to yourself: “We’ll have a baby in two years,” eclipses are known to speed up everyone’s timetable, so you may be ordering that bassinette much sooner (like now)!

Part of the job of an eclipse is to see that you use your time on Earth productively. That is why the eclipse will exert a gentle nudge to get you moving forward now, not in some fuzzy uncertain future. (OK, maybe the “nudge” may not be all that gentle, but the universe will get you going nevertheless!) If you are ready for a child, you’ll know it now.

Neptune will orbit very close to the Sun and Mars on this lovely solar eclipse of February 6, suggesting that you would be inspired by the experiences of the month. Neptune will also be in mutual reception (a friendly, helpful aspect) to Uranus, bringing positive, happy surprises.

If you were born on October 8, plus or minus five days, (I was! October 3!) you will have the most to gain from this enormously positive solar eclipse February 6. The first half of February will allow you to focus on your personal life and turn out to be a gloriously rewarding period that nurtures your soul on many levels. Eclipses are known to have long-range effects, so this won’t just be true for now, but for six months or more.   


9 Responses to “February Horoscope”

  1. Denise Says:

    Okay, where did you get that horoscope?!!! I’m in awe.

    I was also born plus or minus 5 days of the 8th (on the 12th)!

  2. Lori Says:

    Doesn’t get much better!

  3. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    Wow, that is pretty incredible. I’ve never seen a horoscope so focused on something that specific. Where did you find that?

  4. all4moi Says:

    http://www.astrologyzone.com She rocks!

  5. Jen Says:

    Thanks for the site Nicole! (See above)

  6. Sue Says:

    OK – that is a GREAT horoscope!!

  7. Duck Says:

    i love this horoscope (i’m a libra too! oct 14th) another positive sign 🙂

  8. Rebecca Says:

    That is a good one…may all of your stars align!

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