Colorado bumps

Why is it the local television personality I’ve seen at my clinic is the only person I “know” at my clinic to give birth to a real live baby?

I see her on the television and silently curse under my breath.

Not that I didn’t want her to get pregnant, mind you, but I want someone I know, someone I actually know, who goes to my clinic, to have success. Yes, I know. CCRM has a million patients and has the stats to prove it does get women pregnant. But where are these women in my life?

And for that matter, why is it only one of our group of Colorado Girls that has undergone recent treatments is pregnant? The rest of us have had miscarriages, negative pregnancy tests, freeze-all scenarios, etc. What the hell?

I guess Nancy’s news is getting to me.

It’s just I’m the type of girl who loves the movies with happy endings. I want everyone to be happy.

And, selfishly, I want to see someone in my more immediate circle, especially at my clinic, have success because then, maybe, I too can have success. Because, by now, I’m horrible at “feeling” who is going to have good news. I swore it would be Denise. I just knew it would be Maryanne. And Nancy, well she was a shoe-in.

No pressure now right Duffy?

Uggh. I am just ready for the good news to start. I am sure it doesn’t help to wake up to a puking dog, who also happened to poop in the kitchen overnight and while putting her out in the backyard I see two cop cars, a firetruck and an ambulance take your neighbor – one of your best friends on the block and the best gossip source for neighborhood news – off on a gurney.

I’m waiting for the good news. Maybe it starts with Friday’s hysteroscopy.

Let’s hope.



13 Responses to “Colorado bumps”

  1. singletracey Says:

    Hey you… Just thinking of you and wanted to send you a hug 🙂

  2. jerryjo521 Says:

    Hoping that the good news starts rolling in ASAP! HUGS! 🙂

  3. Lori Says:

    Is her name “Libby”? Seems like she’s always pregnant.

    May you start an endless trend of good news on Friday. I want to go broke in 2009 for baby showers.

  4. maryanne Says:

    AMEN sister!!!

  5. Denise Says:

    I hope your neighbor is okay.

    I know, I can’t believe the waterfall of crap that seems to be pouring down on us in waves. Maybe K’s news of starting stims Friday coupled with your hysteroscopy will be the first two pieces of good news for awhile. If not, we’re gonna have to go see the CCRM docs as a group and demand to know WTF!

  6. Melanie Says:

    I hear ya. Please, please some good news. And it needs to be a regular person, and not just the J.Lo’s or Nicole Kidman’s or local television personalities. And I hope your hysteroscopy reveals a uterus of gold and tubes of diamonds (better then to afford more treatments).

  7. 2weeks2much Says:

    Yes, it is RGI. I will be reading the rest of your blog tonight. I like to start from the beginning, and get the whole story!!! I’ll be chatting with you soon!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I hope Friday’s hysteroscopy goes great…good luck! May this be the start of a long line of great news for you!

  9. Ahuva Batya Says:

    Good luck Friday! I hope it results in many good things for you!

  10. sara Says:

    Wishing you a good Friday…how are you feeling?

  11. HeidiM Says:

    I know what you mean. I know women who have been successful with IVF, but nobody that has been since I’ve started down the path. I like to picture everyone who I know is trying with a big baby belly. The positive visual energy can’t hurt, right?

  12. Sue Says:

    wishing you good luck and hope you had a great weekend!

  13. bestlight Says:

    Looking back on this post is super fun!! It’s like the gods were saying the reverse of Bwahahahahahahahaha!

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