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My “spoiled” hoo-hah

April 30, 2008

I am *so* looking forward to Friday.

As I told my girlfriends, I am so high maintenance, even my cooch gets sushi treatments.

They want to start selling shirts with that emblazoned on it. I think only my friends, myself and Dr. G would think it’s funny.

But Friday’s lamineria placement is pretty much the ONLY thing I am dreading about the whole IVF process. (The money thing is a given…)

Everything else I can handle. I swear I am one of the few who have no effects aside from sleepiness from my Lupron injections. With stims, my tummy felt all wobbly and full but after retrieval, I felt great. Ok, the 11dpo spotting, I can live without. But really, this is a fairly easy process.

Except for the stupid seaweed.

Seriously. When I had to fish it out, I nearly puked as I imagined it looked like a mouse. Seriously. I’m stupid. But if I didn’t have to do this one thing, I’d be so happy. Oh well. If nothing else, it will make for an interesting topic of discussion at the bridal shower I’m attending Saturday.


My Mind is Mush

April 28, 2008

And I’m a bundle of nervous energy with all the possibilities.

As for work, I’m going through the motions.

But my mind is on other things, namely this cycle, which kicks off tonight with Lupron injections.

It’s taken forever to start again but then again it seems to have snuck up on me. It is so crazy to be here once more after everything I’ve gone through. But I still have hope and faith it will work. Maybe it’s because my birthday falls on the 3rd of October and I’ve always considered three my lucky number and this is our third time at this.

Or I figure after the hellishly bad luck we’ve had, we’re due for something good.

Here we go again, again…


Harvesting the eggs

April 22, 2008

I know the world of television is 99 percent makebelieve, but really?

Or maybe it’s just me and my clinic having me mix this, inject that, swallow this for shits and giggles. 

I am ALWAYS curious of how television portrays IVF. I really liked Sunday night on Brothers & Sisters. (Yes, I watch that show for reasons I’m still unsure…) 12 days of a single injection apparently and then they will “harvest the eggs.”


Can I be put on that protocol?

Fuzzy Wuzzy Had No Hair

April 21, 2008

During my first get together with the Colorado Bloggers, my puppy was getting her very first haircut.

While I was chatting with the girls and sipping on my mango smoothie, I wasn’t thinking about my dog. I was actually quite interested in the conversations and wishing I was there for the first meeting of the girls (stupid miscarriage) so I could have gotten a better feel for everyone and listened to their stories. Don’t get me wrong, Saturday was good. But I wish I had been there for the introductory meeting. There always is next time though. And I vote for a circular table!

But back to that haircut.

I’m a horrible puppy mother. I really don’t like it. I pulled into the garage and there she was waiting. She really looks like a Scottie now. And she’s very soft.

But I really like my crazy fluffy puppy – it fits her personality. I have to get used to this newly shorn look.  And I know this will be sooo much better during the summer and she won’t be hot, her hair won’t be matted, etc.

But I’m so horrible. I want her fuzzy fluffiness back.

My life otherwise is boring. I’m just waiting for this cycle to really get going (did I mention how nearly every Colorado Blogger is just past transfer or near retrieval and I’m SOOO jealous?!). I am sure though next week’s lamineria placement will put it in to focus.

And as for my brother’s graduation, one of the nurses I spoke with said because we are going the lower dose route I could be pushed back, moved forward, who knows. I am trying not to worry about it. This summer I will likely see a LOT of my youngest siblings. They may be moving in with me, which would mean all three of my siblings would be in my house. Crazy huh?

So my fuzzy, who thinks she’s a cat. She LOVES to sleep on this tray on the ottoman…







Now, this is her after haircut and with the bandana the groomer outfitter her. And she looks sooo big now!

Everybody knows

April 16, 2008

Everyone in my family, extended family, my husband’s godparents whom I’ve never met, knows we are doing IVF. So the reason for missing my brother’s graduation isn’t going to be a surprise. It just sucks to have to miss it, if it comes to pass. Grr…

I did put in a call to my nurse though asking if retrieval is only during business hours. I’m just bummed that this cycle is WAAAY longer than my first.