IVF to prevent…

I am amused by the variety of search terms that bring individuals to my blog. Most involve CCRM, FET, veiny-ness or Mama Wannabe. The sex with my grandpa ones are utterly confounding. Horribly awful and disturbing to think about, and then curious as to how that relates to my blog…

Yesterday, however, was the first time I remember in the year of my blog’s existence that anyone specifically searched for our reason to do IVF.

IVF to prevent brittle bone disease.

There it was, just a single search that brought someone to me. I hope whomever the person is my little blog has given insight into our efforts to use IVF to prevent OI (often known as brittle bone disease) and maybe could help them in whichever way they go forward in their reproductive efforts.

And it thrilled me…

I started this blog as just a venting place and to connect with others going through IVF. But if it at all could help anyone, it’s the biggest gift I could be bestowed, helping, encouraging, whatever someone in their journey.

Unless someone out there is magical and can put a healthy baby in my belly asap…


9 Responses to “IVF to prevent…”

  1. B Says:

    Thats quite fascinating and exciting that someone searched for the reasons you are IVF’ing. I hope you can be of help, its such a great feeling.

  2. Duck Says:

    Hope all goes well with the pap.

  3. Denise Says:

    That is so great!

  4. Maria Says:

    How cool to have someone else in a very similar situation find you!

  5. Ahuva Batya Says:

    That must be a great feeling! Silly question– but how do you find out who is searching on your blog for what?

  6. docgrumbles Says:

    I feel bad when people come to my blog after googling things like “finally pregnant with late ovulation.”

    At my new blog, I have blocked web searching so my family and/or boss can’t find it, but I will miss the keyword fun… like when they are obviously searching for dirty stuff. My posts about D’s semen analysis upped my hit rate for a while!

  7. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    man how i wish i was. for your sake.

  8. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    it really should be;does IVF always prevent further heartbreak? though, we all know that answer to that. *sigh*

  9. sara Says:

    When I came across you blog you taught me a lot about a rare condition. Even as a nurse, I’m amazed at how many different struggles people have out there, it seems like I learn a new one all the time. It’s nice to know you can help others out through your blog. Thanks for the kind words!

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