Praise Ye Goddess of the Cervix


It’s normal. Normal, normal, normal.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I went into the bathroom to listen to the message because, yes, I am a total chicken shit and couldn’t listen to the news at my desk. Listen to my beta at my desk, oh sure.

But my OBGYN with pap results? Hell no.

I did a little dance.

And now I’m starting to freak out. This means, once I get my period, I start. I think I am going to call my clinic so I’m not as freaked out.

This has to work. I’m believing all the third-time-is-the-charm shiat.

I could transfer in May.

And did I mention, my RE is wavering and considering allowing me to have three transferred?



Denise tagged me as a blog she hearts, which is very sweet considering this site is more a neurotic mish-mash of my jumblings than a cohesive life narrative… But I heart you too!

Regardless of what mine is, I do want to pass the ❤ on to a couple blogs I heart. Firstly, Tracey. Without her infectious positivity, I’m sure I’d be in a less peppy state of mind regarding my losses. She is an inspiration to me, plus we share weirdly similarcraptastic experiences with IVF,  and she has been a wonderful friend, confidant and IMer, when I am avoiding work.

Also, I want to say I heart Mary Ellen. When I began this blog, she was a frequent commenter, always with a smile, a positive word, a nudge of encouragement when she was going through so much. Words aren’t enough to say how sorry I am for her loss and how much we all miss her on the blogosphere. But I hope to be half the positive force of energy she was in helping others going through this “fun”!


13 Responses to “Praise Ye Goddess of the Cervix”

  1. Duck Says:

    Congrats on all things normal. Looks like we’re going to FET together! My clinic will transfer up to 3, depending on the quality (they treat me like the over 40 crowd, which is good in some ways).

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Excellent news…congrats on the results! I transferred 3 blasts during my FET – 2 took, but only 1 was a baby (the other sac was empty). Good luck!!!

  3. sara Says:

    That’s wonderful news! I’m so glad your pap was good…hoping for a good May transfer. That’s just around the corner!

  4. Maria Says:

    Great news about your cervix!! I believe that three times a charm for you too!!

  5. JJ Says:

    Thats great news!

  6. singletracey Says:

    I heart you MUCHO as well!!! As a matter of fact, when I was rocking out to ABBA this morning.. you popped into my head… heehee

    Awesome news on the cervix.. The Goddess heard you and she is pleased 🙂 So May.. OMG.. that is like seriously.. NOT THAT FAR AWAY!!!!

    Well hugs and love and all that stuff. I hope you have a great weekend my friend! The weather is supposed to be nice, so I figure I will get out, be one with nature and keep sending shouts up to God to let this Friggin FET work!! SMOOCHIES

  7. K Says:

    Congratulations! It is a wonderful news. I believe that the three times is a charm, too. Looking forward to hearing your progress.

  8. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    YAY!!! Great news! 🙂

  9. docgrumbles Says:

    great news! I hope third time is the charm!

  10. dagny Says:

    Congrats on normal!!!!!

  11. nancy Says:

    wootheheckhooo!!! So very happy for you.

    Possible 3 transferred. I’m thinking of the same thing. What is wrong with me? I was first set on one. Then two was okay. Now I’m thinking three? Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll get that many – even any. Thinking ahead too much is what I do. Planning is my curse.

  12. Ahuva Batya Says:

    What great news! I”m happy for you, and excited for what’s next!

  13. B Says:

    So pleased you can get going so soon….yeeahhh!! P.S don’t tell them but I heart Tracey and M.E too!!

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