Harvesting the eggs

I know the world of television is 99 percent makebelieve, but really?

Or maybe it’s just me and my clinic having me mix this, inject that, swallow this for shits and giggles. 

I am ALWAYS curious of how television portrays IVF. I really liked Sunday night on Brothers & Sisters. (Yes, I watch that show for reasons I’m still unsure…) 12 days of a single injection apparently and then they will “harvest the eggs.”


Can I be put on that protocol?


14 Responses to “Harvesting the eggs”

  1. B Says:

    Bringing the romance to IVF…the media never fails to amaze!!

  2. Lori Says:

    And she didn’t even know he’d already given her the shot.


  3. duck Says:

    Cool another IVF take a few drugs, mix the eggs with the sperm and they can take a pregnancy test 2 hours later and she’s pregnant with twins (I’m just guessing that is how the plot will go).
    C’mon you mean there are no ivfers on the payroll? Look at the script, make it realistic, arggh.
    I watch brothers and sisters too, i didn’t know it was back on air, it’s okay to watch fluff sometimes.

  4. Erica Says:

    People are always surprised when I tell them that my ER was like 11 days after my first shot! I didn’t do the whole BCP and Lupron suppression thing … I didn’t have great FSH, so on day 3 I started my gonal-f shots and 9 days later we triggered, and 36 hours later, ER. Now, I didn’t just do one shot a day though. 2 in the morning, and 1 at night. I watch B&S and didn’t think they were portraying it well, but it is possible to be on a protocol that goes that quickly from start to ER.

  5. sara Says:

    I thought that was a regular express lane version of IVF. I do love the show and am glad that IVF is brought to light. But you’re right, it wasn’t exactly accurate. I’m not surprised. I do think you and I should get on that protocol…sounds like a breeze!

  6. Miss Tori Says:

    Oh I know, did you see where the doctor said here’s your kit, I’ll see you back here in a week? I just started stims Monday night, and I was back today for blood work, and again this Friday for b/w & u/s. You’re right, it is just TV, but come on, if you are going to deal with something as serious as IVF, at least show how serious it is.


  7. maria Says:

    I hear you. I saw the same thing on an episode of Private Practice. It was so ridiculously simple that I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I want that protocol!!

  8. Spicy Sister Says:

    I am SO glad I am not the only one who was irked by this – I was literally yelling at the screen.

    The aspect that makes it worse for me is that all those people watching it who are not IF who have someone in their life going through IVF, a friend, a coworker, and employee, a family member – they would have no idea all that the IVFer is really going through if they believe the way it is portrayed on TV.

    “What do you mean you aren’t sure when your retrieval will be? I thought it was automatically 12 days later?”

    “What do you mean you have to go to the Dr. every single morning?”

    “Why are you complaining so much about your meds, I thought it was just one shot, one little kit that you Dr. gives you?”

    and on and on…..

    Is it too much to ask that they just try to make it a teensy bit more accurate? Geez!

    ok, vent over.

  9. 2weeks2much Says:

    Thank you for commenting on Brothers and Sisters. I saw her little kit, heard about her silly little injections, and then heard the harvesting part and I thought, surely she’s not doing IVF. That sounded like a walk in the park. I wonder what she’s doing? I now have to make sure I ask others if they watch the show before I discuss the IVF.

  10. JJ Says:

    I dont watch the show (but have heard good things) but Im sorta glad I didnt see this episode…Like Maria, I watched a similar type of episode of Private Practice earlier this year and it was hard for both Mook and I to watch–just made it seem like a breeze…barf.

  11. Kristina Says:

    You mean that’s not how it works? (just kidding – hopefully obviously)

  12. Erica Says:

    I tagged you. Details on my blog. Feel free to ignore the tag if it’s just not your thing, or if you’ve already done it! Hope you are hanging in there!

  13. Makingpeace Says:

    Very much annoyed me as well. With as many people who experience IF, you’d think they’d have some resource to go to and get the story straight. Whatev.

  14. pj Says:

    I’m with Erica, my protocol IS actually short. It goes from starting stims tomorrow, to possible retrieval on the 11th (early estimation). I have one shot a day (FSH) for a while, and then two (Antagonist).

    That scares me a little because I thought my FSH was ok, and it sounds like she got that protocol BECAUSE she had high FSH. So… I’ll be asking about that when I go for bloodwork. Bloodwork, which BTW WILL happen every day from Wed on out.

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