My Mind is Mush

And I’m a bundle of nervous energy with all the possibilities.

As for work, I’m going through the motions.

But my mind is on other things, namely this cycle, which kicks off tonight with Lupron injections.

It’s taken forever to start again but then again it seems to have snuck up on me. It is so crazy to be here once more after everything I’ve gone through. But I still have hope and faith it will work. Maybe it’s because my birthday falls on the 3rd of October and I’ve always considered three my lucky number and this is our third time at this.

Or I figure after the hellishly bad luck we’ve had, we’re due for something good.

Here we go again, again…



19 Responses to “My Mind is Mush”

  1. JJ Says:

    Thinking lots of positive things for you…wish we were closer cycle buddies-but you know Ill be here cheering you on regardless=)
    You ARE due for something good!

  2. singletracey Says:

    Thinking good thoughts! HAVE FUN with the shots tonight!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re starting today! How exciting – GOOD LUCK with the lupron injections!

  4. She Likes Purple Says:

    My husband’s birthday is October 3. Mine is January 3. It’s a very lucky number indeed.

  5. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    Hoping and praying for something great!!! Good luck!!! 🙂

  6. Erica Says:

    Hoping that third time is a charm for you! I’ll be following you and rooting you along …

  7. Denise Says:

    Definitely due for something good. More like something fanfuckingtastic. Did I tell you Dr. G did my physical this time? I told him I knew you and we both sang praises. I commented on what shitty luck you’ve had and he said something about the odds of getting struck by lightning. Twice.

  8. Bee Cee Says:

    Hoping it is indeed 3rd time lucky, hope the injection went well….its like riding a bike though, sadly we don’t forget what to do.

    Good luck.

  9. Beth Says:

    Good Luck! My fingers are crossed!

  10. duck Says:

    lucky number 3! Happy Injecting!

  11. Ahuva Batya Says:

    All my fingers and toes are crossed for you. YOu deserve something REALLY GOOD out of this cycle, after everything.

  12. nancy Says:


  13. babywaide Says:

    i am happy and a bit nervous with you. i hope you get the same birthday present that i did.

  14. babywaide Says:

    oops, babywaide=apronstrings. that’s our baby blog. versus our snarky blog.

  15. Spicy Sister Says:

    I am holding lots of hope for you. You are well overdue for some great news!

  16. 2weeks2much Says:

    How did the injections go?? I’m starting mine in a little over two weeks and I’m so nervous!

  17. pj Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Good luck on this cycle. Hoping for positives, all around!

  18. sara Says:

    Wishing you the best of luck! Hope the injections are as pain free as possible and a quick route to egg retrieval!

  19. Heidi Says:

    I can totally relate to the feeling of it taking forever and it sneeking up on you at the same time. It’s like deja vu.

    I’m sooo glad to know someone cycling at CCRM the same time as me! I can look for you in the waiting rooms. =)

    And, like you, I’m having to miss a graduation — my niece’s in Naples…and true, you never know if you get pushed back or moved up, but when plane tx are involved, I’m not risking it. So DH is freezing his spermies just in case and going without me.

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