Lamineria defined

Since several of you asked, here is my unscientific definition of a lamineria presented in the way I understand it…

A lamineria is a piece of dried seaweed with a little string attached to it. Think of it like a greenish-brown tampon. Sexy eh?

The purpose of the lamineria, basically, is to cause an infection to your cervix and, eventually, lead to easier insertion of a catheder through your cervix for embryo transfer.

The infection dilates your cervix. After about 24 hours, the dried seaweed has expanded (and is no longer dry, ewww, and the amount of gauze attached, bleck!) to the size of your pinky, which you then get to fish out. I tried the one-foot-on-the-toilet tampon insertion method that Tam.pax illustrates in every box but I found the spread-eagle-on-my-bed-dying-of-embarassment-method worked for me.

Lamineria insertion is scheduled right before your period, which then supposedly destroys the infection but enough of the dilation lasts through when your scheduled transfer is.

My first fresh cycle was done without one and while it wasn’t bad, there was a little more difficulty in getting the catheder through. With my FET, I had the lamineria and three weeks later the transfer was in and out. I was shocked at the difference.

So tomorrow, I get to have this hard piece of sushi stuffed in me without the benefit of cytotec, which Duffy had before her lam placement. In reading up on the drug, it causes your cervix to dilate and also is used to terminate pregnancies. I am unsure why it is or isn’t prescribed.

I have a secret hope he’ll go in tomorrow and say I don’t need it. After all, Dr. G. was pleasantly surprised at how easy my follow-up HSG was.

Regardless, though, I just want to do everything right to ensure that this cycle results in a healthy pregnancy in the right spot. And to convince him to transfer three.

Don’t you feel all learned now? Hee…


16 Responses to “Lamineria defined”

  1. all4moi Says:

    I seriously want to meet the person who came up with this idea.

    Let’s see, what could we stick up there to cause an infection to cause dilation, but not have side effects? Spinach? No. Celery? No. Rose Petals? No. I KNOW! SEAWEED!!! It HAS to work! πŸ™‚

    Best of luck when it comes to digging for your treasure…I hope it comes out more easily this time!!

  2. Katie Says:

    Ah, thank you so much for the clarification….and yes, I would also like to meet the person who thought this up =-P. Seaweed has to be better than cytotek…I used that stuff back in the fall and holy Jesus those cramps hurt! Again, best of luck this cycle! =-)

  3. Maria Says:

    Wow, that is really interesting. I never would have thought that was what the seaweed was for, but it makes a lot more sense now.

    I hope you get to transfer three this cycle.

  4. nancy Says:

    That’s awesome. Not the greatness of how it works for you, but the “spreak eagled dying of embarrassment”. heh. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

  5. Denise Says:

    Learned. And disturbed. Ick. Who thinks this stuff up?

  6. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    you know, i did almost ask. thanks for the info! it’s so weird? but if it works!

  7. Spicy Sister Says:

    Yeah, I know, the cytotec is pretty scary – it appears to only dilate the cervix, it is sometimes used in inductions but also in terminating a pg, because obviously the open cervix thing is not conducive to pregnancy. I will say it did seem to do the trick for me but I am hoping as well that it turns out you won’t even need the laminaria at all. I hadn’t heard about the whole infection aspect. I was just told that the seaweed expands as it absorbs the moisture from the body and that’s what pushes the cervix open. They did tell me the whole thing about any infection being washed out with the period as well which still kinda weirded me out – I kept asking if they were sure I wouldn’t need some sort of antibiotic for this?

    Anyhow, you are obviously the more experienced one in this – so I defer to your seaweed wisdom! πŸ™‚ Again though, hoping your hoo-ha will be sea-weed free (and pain-free) this time!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Ahuva Batya Says:

    Wow, that’s just… wow. I’m speechless.

  9. pj Says:

    That sounds… so NOT fun! Who’da thunk it?

  10. duck Says:

    Thanks for letting me know, I’m going to ask my RE if it’s an option for me, right now when we finally get to the ET I will have to be knocked out because of the staircase cervix, he has to use a tenaculum, yuck.

    Have fun with the seaweed!

  11. sara Says:

    Hey thanks for the explanation..that’s interesting I’ve never heard of that. I want to wish you the best of luck and hope you have some smooth sailing!

  12. singletracey Says:

    Thanks for explaining. Im sorry you have to go through that. BLECK.. I am wishing you TONS OF LUCK my friend.

    Chat with you later πŸ™‚

  13. docgrumbles Says:

    Well, I was afraid to ask. Now that I know, I am not jealous of you for having to have one!

  14. soulblisszen Says:

    I have always known what it is but I always thought it was for those with extreme cases. I always assumed you were one of those cases. I hope it goes well.
    As for hating fishing it out have the hubby do it!!!

    I think my ER/ET will be the week of the 26th, so likely the week after you. Still cycle buddies, just a little staggered.

    So glad this is finally coming around again for you hun.

  15. bleu Says:

    PLEASE disregard the above log in name. I have a back-up word press account and apparently I was logged in when I commented.

    Anyhow take care.

  16. HeidiM Says:

    Hi, finally read your last two posts. I had been wondering what lameneria was so thanks for the explanation. It’s smaller than I had imagined, if it’s a pinky finger. I was imagining something the size of a feather duster, without the handle. My crazy imagination. So hey, at least it’s not that! Glad you’re done with that stage!

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