She made me do it…

Because PJ is making me do this meme…. And I really wanted to bore all of you with tales of me…

Four things I did 10 years ago – 1998

I graduated from college with a degree in broadcast journalism with no plan to go into sports broadcasting. Too many of the talking heads I met were just that, talking heads.

I did one of the bravest things I’ve ever done – I moved to a little northeast Texas college town – sight unseen – for a job and to get my master’s. I knew no one. I missed home but I thought it would be good for me.

That fall, I met my future hubby in a football pressbox. We became friends and we started dating in summer 1999.

I celebrated the Broncos winning their first Superbowl in Boulder. Seriously, there were car fires and crap. I remember consuming jello shots during the game too. Yeah, it was a high-class girl Broncos party I hosted.

Four things I did five years ago – 2003

We made the move from renters to buyers, purchasing our first (and only!) house.

I guess all my hinting, or his parents nagging got to him, and my hubby proposed on Christmas morning.

The day after Christmas, we flew to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate our engagement and met up with my future in-laws, who were spending the winter in Mexico.

Like nearly every year, we made our annual pilgrimmage to Texas.

Four things I did yesterday

Got wanded. Woo hoo.

Met up with my “drug fairy,” who was so wonderful to bestow upon me several vials of Men.opur and F pens for this cycle. Yay! I thanked her profusely and splurged, spending $13 on lunch for her. And I only hugged the newly pregnant her three times. I thought that would be enough belly-to-belly get pregnant vibes. And I didn’t want to creep her out. Well, too much.

Within seconds of putting said drugs on my kitchen table, I realized my dog had crazy CRAZY amounts of eye boogers. Like yellowy, grossness. Off we went to the vet. $50 later we had eyedrops and a diagnosis of maybe allergies or maybe the chew stop spray is causing this. And yes, Molly has decided chewing the corner of my throw pillows is acceptable. It’s not.

Contemplated cleaning my office and our spare bedroom but decided watching Rea.per and whatever else I watched – Keeping up with the Kardashians, so embarassing…

Four shows I love to watch:

30 Rock. I heart this show SOOO much.


Eli Stone.

How I met your mother. And Ted, seriously. You are mad at Barney but not Robin? Get over it.

Four things I love to do:

 Write. I do it at work and not enough at home, for my pleasure.



Watch sports, attend sporting events. Sports.

If anyone wants to participate, please do. As much as I do love sports, I was never one for playing tag!


8 Responses to “She made me do it…”

  1. bleu Says:

    LMAO Ted will get over it but Barney may never be the same.

  2. maria Says:

    YAY for your drug fairy and pregnant belly vibes! I hope your pouch starts feeling better soon.

  3. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    i too moved across the country not knowing a soul. and then meeting DH. it was one of the best times of my life. not that infertility hasn’t been fun. hahaha.
    yea! you got drugs.

  4. pj Says:

    So fun! Thanks for playing.

    Yep. Dumb Ted. But his hair looks so good! 😛

    Gonal F is like $350 a vial! Your drug fairy is fantastic! I can’t wait until she gets her first ultrasound.

    When you figure out how to get your pup to not chew on the pillows, let me know. My Jackson is also under the impression this is acceptable behavior. 😛

  5. sara Says:

    I love how I met your mother! And yes you are completely right, how come he’s not mad at Robin too? I hope your doggie feels better and stops chewing your stuff. Silly doggie! Congrats on the drug fairy…free fertility drugs are way better than the tooth fairy 🙂

  6. 2weeks2much Says:

    I’m all caught up on your blog. I start my Lupron injection tomorrow night…aaahhhh! I’m glad that everything is just moving along for you. Fingers crossed!

  7. maryanne Says:


    BTW – How would one find a drug fairy like yours?

  8. antigone Says:

    Jello shots! That’s a blast from the past.

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